Meet CampusPress: WordPress For Education

When Edublogs began nearly a decade ago, the idea was to bring blogging to every classroom.

Then, a few years later, our Edublogs Campus product was created to provide white label blog networks to schools and universities the world over.

Today, we’re extremely excited to share with the world the next evolution of Edublogs – say hello to CampusPress.

For way more than just blogging.

Today, every teacher needs a website, students need ePortfolios, and schools and universities need reliable and friendly web tools to make managing so many web presences painless.

CampusPress builds on our existing services, using the WordPress platform, to make web publishing accessible to all.

Existing Edublogs Campus networks will be moved under the new CampusPress name – allowing us to provide better support and services going forward.

All of our CampusPress networks come with the following:

  • a dedicated WordPress Multisite network at a branded domain, like
  • unlimited sites, users, traffic, and storage
  • 200+ of beautiful themes
  •  100+ powerful plugins
  • expert hosting, backups, cacheing
  • 24/7 support

See all of the features and learn more here.

How’s CampusPress different than Edublogs?

As the name suggests, Edublogs has always been focused on blogging.

But, we’ve noticed our users leveraging our service for so much more.

For example, there already are newspaper sites, school websitesdepartment sites, student organization sitesalumni magazineslearning communities, and so much more.

The changes and improvements we’re adding with CampusPress will make it easier to create and manage sites like these. This includes huge investment in infrastructure to improve speeds and reliability, new tools for development environments, streamlined on-boarding, better change and custom development management, and we’ll continue to add new plugins and themes that cater to all types of sites.

No Obligation Free Trials

Be sure to visit the brand new site to learn more and see additional examples.

We’ll happily set you up with a fully functional free trial too – just contact us here to let us know you’d like to get that up and running.

Unveiling Wikis, Maps, Easy Blogging, a New Look, and More!

If you’ve logged into the dashboard of your blog in the last few days, then you probably have already noticed – but we just rolled out many exciting new features!

Plus, we’re just 11,000 10,000 blogs short of the 1 million we need to keep all blogs advertisement free forever!

It’s just too much to share all in one post, but here is a quick overview of some of what is new:

1. A new dashboard look

This will be the first thing you notice if you haven’t already. Everything is still in a familiar location, but the look and feel is a bit more polished.

As you explore the made over dashboard, you will find several improvements such as better search for themes, easier ways to sort posts and pages, and other little tools built in that should make blogging a bit easier.

2. The Admin Bar

Across the top of your blog you will find a new Admin Bar which will help you navigate around your blog and our site.

You can turn off this bar under Settings > Admin Bar in your dashboard if you would prefer – but we find it handy to quickly add a new post, login, or go back and forth between the site and dashboard.

3. Wikis

You will find a new Wiki plugin which lets you add pages to your blog which are fully functional wikis!

Settings allow you to choose between letting all visitors, only registered users, or a select few to edit the wiki. Changes are tracked and discussion is encouraged. This one we know many of you will love!

Read more about wikis on our help and support site here.

4. Custom Menus

Under Appearance > Menus you will find a brand new area for customizing the order and layout of your menus.

The drag-and-drop menu creation allows you to add links to any site on the web, specific categories, and more.

Adding custom menus is easy, and detailed directions on how are here.

5. Easy Blogging

Our Easy Blogging dashboard got a complete face lift too! This feature was designed so that more inexperienced bloggers can get their feet wet by removing a lot of the less used options. Plus, we just think it looks cool :)

You can go back and forth between the Easy Admin and the normal dashboard areas anytime.

6. Blog and User Creator

We greatly simplified the process of creating new users and blogs by rolling everything into this one new and improved creation tool.

Pro users will now be able to more easily create additional blogs, student blogs or accounts, and set it up so that you can manage them all right from the get-go.

7. Google Maps

There is also a new Google Maps plugin which makes it easy to add maps to your blog – including satellite and street views!

Best of all, it is easy to use, but you can find more details of how to use it here.

There’s more!

There is actually quite a bit more – including the ability to hide parts of a post until a selected time, improved form making, and updates to many themes. We will be sharing those in more detail in the coming weeks.

In the mean time, play around and let us know what you think! 

As always, feel free to contact us should you need any help with any of these new features.


Edublogs News: More help & support than ever before

One of the things that we pride ourselves the most on here at Edublogs is the support we provide for our users.

In fact, over the past few weeks, you may have noticed an overhaul of our support site.  Our team has been hard at work re-organizing and adding more information to the site so that everything is easier to find.


Here are just a few of the new and improved features of our help site:

  1. An updated ‘Frequently Asked Questions‘ – with the 20 most commonly questions answered in detail, all in one place.
  2. A simplified ‘New User Guide‘ which helps our newest users get started with blogging quickly and easily.
  3. An overhaul of our ‘Complete User Guide‘ with videos (more to come soon!), handouts, and step-by-step instructions of just about anything you would want to do on Edublogs.
  4. A brand new ‘Handouts, Worksheets, and Professional Development‘ page which we hope will be the hub for many new resources that will help make integrating Edublogs into the classroom an even more powerful experience for learners.
  5. Information on our free ‘Webinars and Live Trainings‘ – which we would like to do even more of.  Let us know if you have any ideas for webinars or would even be interested in co-hosting one.  Our edublogging community has so much to share!

Getting help when you need it:

In addition to the loads of guides and support documents we offer, we know that occasionally there comes a time when a specific question might come up.

To get your questions answered, see the information on support for our Campus users and support for our Pro users.

And anyone can search through or throw out a question to the community in our forums.

Fast and helpful support is our highest priority so that our users can concentrate on the teaching and learning that takes place through blogging.

As always, we welcome any and all feedback on the new help and support site so that we can make it even better!

Unveiling 33 new themes – and new theme features all round…

PremiumThemesYou may have noticed recently that there are a lot more options when it comes to themes to use on Edublogs.

We now have a whopping 137 themes to choose from, including 33 new snazzy themes available to Pro users.

And alongside that, we’ve added new features to almost every single theme – including threaded comments, extra custom headers and plenty more besides.,

To see the new great looking themes, click on the “Premium Themes” link in your Dashboard.

We’ll be featuring various themes over the next few weeks, and talking about how you can utilize the new features, but for the moment you might particularly like:

Autofocus photo blogging theme
Autofocus photo blogging theme

Autofocus automatically creates a beautiful front page based on photos (or other images you upload) to your posts.

A theme full of detail
A theme full of detail

Color paper provides you with a colorful and interesting new interface for your blog.

A clean, professional look
A clean, professional look

PrimePress is everything you want well styled, customizable, fresh looking blog.

In addition, more of the themes now include the ability to upload a custom header image and they all now allow comments on pages.

And, of course, one Pro user can turn on all of these themes for up to 50 of their students, just by entering their details on the ‘Disable Ads’ section.

More tips, highlighted themes, and news about feature enhancements on their way soon… stay tuned!

Edublogs upgrade

Well, odds are you’ve noticed that Edublogs has just undergone a pretty radical upgrade – and that your admin area is looking a heap of a lot different!

In particular you’ll notice that the admin menu now goes down the side – rather than the top, and that everything has gone all drag ‘n drop pretty, but that’s not the all of it.

There’s also vastly improved uploading / media management, far better management tools for posts, pages, links, tags, categories and almost everything that can be managed!

And there are some plain excellent new features, like QuickPress – now featuring in your dashboard:

If you and your students need some assistance we’ve also been working like dogs to get the new Help & Support section up to date… it’s pretty much there but we’ll be adding new stuff to it as we go into the 2009 – 2010 academic year.

In particular you might like to share around our guide for Getting Started with Edublogs – it also comes with handy downloadable pdfs!

If you;re looking for someone to thank for them (or to complain about to if you hate them ;) the you’ll want to catch up with Sue Waters aka The Edublogger.

But that’s not all there is!

This year we’re going to be adding amazing new features, themes and plugins to blogs and Edublogs Campus so now is the time to let us know of any extra features that you’d like to see.

As well as any bugs you might encounter with the new upgrade… but we’re hoping there are very few of them :)

Here’s to a great Edubloggin’ 2009 – 2010!


If you’re in an observant mood you may have noticed the new Stats tab in your admin menu (just after Comments).

And, if you’re an Edublogs Supporter, then you might even have noticed that it’s collecting information about the number of visitors to your blog, where they are coming from, the most popular content and even the search engine terms people are finding you under!

And it’s not just doing that any old which way, you’re getting great interactive flash charts and archives stretching over the last week, month and year.

So, if you’re already a supporter tell us how you like it? Anything you’d like to see improved?

And if you’re not, well, sign up today for little more than a cup of coffee a month (actually, I had a more expensive coffee the other day ;) and as soon as you do we’ll start logging yer stats!

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