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When Edublogs began nearly a decade ago, the idea was to bring blogging to every classroom.

Then, a few years later, our Edublogs Campus product was created to provide white label blog networks to schools and universities the world over.

Today, we’re extremely excited to share with the world the next evolution of Edublogs – say hello to CampusPress.

For way more than just blogging.

Today, every teacher needs a website, students need ePortfolios, and schools and universities need reliable and friendly web tools to make managing so many web presences painless.

CampusPress builds on our existing services, using the WordPress platform, to make web publishing accessible to all.

Existing Edublogs Campus networks will be moved under the new CampusPress name – allowing us to provide better support and services going forward.

All of our CampusPress networks come with the following:

  • a dedicated WordPress Multisite network at a branded domain, like sites.myschool.edu
  • unlimited sites, users, traffic, and storage
  • 200+ of beautiful themes
  •  100+ powerful plugins
  • expert hosting, backups, cacheing
  • 24/7 support

See all of the features and learn more here.

How’s CampusPress different than Edublogs?

As the name suggests, Edublogs has always been focused on blogging.

But, we’ve noticed our users leveraging our service for so much more.

For example, there already are newspaper sites, school websitesdepartment sites, student organization sitesalumni magazineslearning communities, and so much more.

The changes and improvements we’re adding with CampusPress will make it easier to create and manage sites like these. This includes huge investment in infrastructure to improve speeds and reliability, new tools for development environments, streamlined on-boarding, better change and custom development management, and we’ll continue to add new plugins and themes that cater to all types of sites.

No Obligation Free Trials

Be sure to visit the brand new CampusPress.com site to learn more and see additional examples.

We’ll happily set you up with a fully functional free trial too – just contact us here to let us know you’d like to get that up and running.

About Ronnie Burt

Manages the Edublogs, CampusPress, and WPMU DEV Hosting services. Former secondary math teacher and wannabe musician. Follow @ronnieburt on twitter!


  1. I am wondering if there will be an email server available for users of CampusPress. My union local (American Federation of Teachers local 4272) has a WordPress blog, and is looking for an email server that is not affiliated with our work site, for privacy purposes.

    Tracy Kaiser-Goebel

    P.S. I have an EduBlog and use it with my students. LOVE the service! Keep up the great work.

    • Tracy Kaiser-Goebel
    • Hi Tracy – thanks for the comment!

      We aren’t really setup to handle email accounts unfortunately, but it is something to look into for the future.

      Glad to hear you and your students are blogging!

  2. Awesome! Nice job Ronnie Burt!

    • tonyham
    • stooky dudes

      • alexandermacdonald
  3. Good job i applaude you fine sir :)
    /Ronnie Burt

    • aaron2177
  4. I fell like i don’t went that website anymore.

    • altaf
  5. What will happen to existing Edublog WordPress sites?

    • Carmel
    • Hi Carmel,

      Absolutely no changes there – we sent you an email with more details. Let us know at contact@campuspress.com with any questions that the email doesn’t clear up.

      • Ronnie
    • Wow

      • izzyda
  6. How much is the cost to keep it running after the free trial. I serve clients who could use this. Is there an affiliate program or an agency pricing/agreement?

    • Victor Ramayrat
  7. Hi Victor – the costs depend on the size of the school or network. We do have a referral program – send us a note to contact@campuspress.com and we’re happy to discuss in more detail!

    • Ronnie
  8. My question is if I currently have my students create their blogs with the no existing email option will that eventually go away once we are moved to the campuspress?

    • Hi MrKirsch,

      CampusPress networks are completely separate from Edublogs.org – so you’d all get new accounts and blog URLs. There are some ways to not have email addresses for students – though it is even better if we can hook in with whatever student management system you may have so they can just sign in with existing usernames/passwords they probably already use for other services.

      • Thank you. So is edublogs domain still going to exist or will it be deleted once the conversion to CampusPress has completed?

        Essentially, will we be instructed to go to CampusPress website and Edublogs will be gone?

        • Edublogs.org will still be here and isn’t going anywhere – CampusPress is a new service that you can choose to sign up for. It gives you a dedicated network at your school’s own domain – which is where you and students would go to sign in once it was setup.

  9. I understand now. Thank you very much for the information!! I guess I was confused when the announcement said, “Existing Edublogs Campus networks will be moved under the new CampusPress name – allowing us to provide better support and services going forward.”

    Dan Kirsch

  10. edublogs is wayyyyyyy cooler

    • alexandermacdonald
  11. :)

    • maniu
  12. A great idea.Did you ever think about promote it in foreign language?

    • Tisha
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    • Geeta
  14. I really like the idea of bringing blogging to every classroom alot. Actually in the nearest comming time this becomes a necessity.


    • Hult Reviews
  15. The white label blog network is suitable for an education.

    International Journals

    • iasetjournals

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