Well, odds are you’ve noticed that Edublogs has just undergone a pretty radical upgrade – and that your admin area is looking a heap of a lot different!

In particular you’ll notice that the admin menu now goes down the side – rather than the top, and that everything has gone all drag ‘n drop pretty, but that’s not the all of it.

There’s also vastly improved uploading / media management, far better management tools for posts, pages, links, tags, categories and almost everything that can be managed!

And there are some plain excellent new features, like QuickPress – now featuring in your dashboard:

If you and your students need some assistance we’ve also been working like dogs to get the new Help & Support section up to date… it’s pretty much there but we’ll be adding new stuff to it as we go into the 2009 – 2010 academic year.

In particular you might like to share around our guide for Getting Started with Edublogs – it also comes with handy downloadable pdfs!

If you;re looking for someone to thank for them (or to complain about to if you hate them ;) the you’ll want to catch up with Sue Waters aka The Edublogger.

But that’s not all there is!

This year we’re going to be adding amazing new features, themes and plugins to Edublogs.org blogs and Edublogs Campus so now is the time to let us know of any extra features that you’d like to see.

As well as any bugs you might encounter with the new upgrade… but we’re hoping there are very few of them :)

Here’s to a great Edubloggin’ 2009 – 2010!

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