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We are thrilled to announce some big changes and improvements to Edublogs!

Our focus this summer is to raise the bar in what we offer so that we continue to be the best blogging, ePortolio, and class website service for teachers and students around the world.

To help us reach this goal, we start by bringing you…

Unlimited Student Blogs!

Previously, each Pro account could only enable extra features on up to 50 student blogs. But we know many teachers can have well over 100 students at any given time.

Student blogs will be able to access premium themes, use our new iOS mobile app, embed videos and other code, and the full range of privacy options.

In addition, students will be able to fully manage the look and feel of their blogs, but won’t be able to change the privacy and moderation settings you set for them.

The NEW ‘My Class’ Feature

This is the big one. Now that you can have unlimited students on Edublogs, you need a good way to manage them all!

You will find a new ‘My Class’ menu item near the top of your blog’s dashboard.

From here you can manage the privacy and moderation settings on all student blogs, get a list of pending comments and posts, and more.

As soon as a student blog is added to a class, it will automatically have the extra features enabled as discussed above.

This is just the first launch – so expect improvements and additions in the coming months!

Better Help & Support

You’ll find a brand new ‘Help & Support‘ menu item in your dashboard with quick links to our user guides and support posts.

There’s also an easier to find link for our Pro users to email questions directly to our support staff.

New Theme Customizer

Go to Appearance > Themes and check out the new ‘Customize‘ link.

From here you can quickly edit the look and feel of your blog’s title, background, and custom images and see how it looks live in real time. This addition is just plain fun to play with :)

And Tons More…

There are lots of other new features and changes you may notice. For example:

  • An improved and simplified image and media uploader
  • A fresh new look to the dashboard and top admin bar
  • Flyout menus that keep the menu items nice and neat
  • Better usability on tablets and mobile devices (no app needed!)
  • An improved ‘Inactive Widgets‘ area to save widgets and so widgets don’t get lost when changing themes
  • Embed tweets into any post by just pasting in the link
  • Behind the scenes changes to improve speed

All of this is available now on Edublogs.org and will be coming soon to our Edublogs Campus networks.

Leave a comment below or contact us with any feedback or questions you may have.

Happy blogging!

About Ronnie Burt

Manages the Edublogs, CampusPress, and WPMU DEV Hosting services. Former secondary math teacher and wannabe musician. Follow @ronnieburt on twitter!


  1. Thanks, Edublogs! You are continuing to keep me hooked! I love the new features. I’m looking forward to my students making their ePortfolios on Edublogs next year. Keep up the great work.


    • Denise Krebs
    • Thank you Denise!

      • Ronnie Burt
  2. Tried edublogs w my grade 8 class this year for our litkit unit…wow – did my students ever impress me. These new features will make the possibilities even more awesomer (poor English intended)…THANK YOU!!!!!

    – lynda

    • mslewisatcitadel
  3. I’ve been using Edublogs with the 4th and 5th graders at my school for 3 years now. I’ve loved it since the beginning and now I love it even more. The support, the features, the simplicity…a great package! Thank you.


    • Mr. Harte
  4. You wicked, wicked Edublog people. You are making it so easy to attempt to blog with my 130 students again this year!!

    • vpaisie
    • Muahaha. You figured out our evil plan :)

      • Ronnie Burt
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  6. I’m so excited about the unlimited blogs, since I have close to 180 students each semester. I’m ESPECIALLY excited that we can now let students embed videos and images (I’ve been uploading tons of embed code to MY blog since the kids hadn’t been allowed to do it.) Yeah! I’m showing them tomorrow!

    • tilgunas1
  7. Thank! This is very exciting and now allows for the use of edublogs by all 150+ of my students who will be using the embed code and mobile app quite a bit. Awesome!!

    • bowdoinmath
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  10. So am I reading this correctly? I can give each of my 3rd grade students their own Edublog and I can control the moderation of their posts and comments with my Pro Account? That is fantastic! I was using Edublogs for my class blog and Kidblog for the students because I need moderation control. But with these new features, the kids can have Edublogs too and they will just love that as they can customize it more! Will the kids still need an email address to create an account? That is problem too.

    • Mrs. Schmidt
    • @Mrs. Schmidt – If the students are able to go to the Edublogs.org homepage, click the Free blog box, and create their own blogs this way, they can leave the email address blank (it isn’t needed).

      If you wanted to create their blogs for them, there is a blog and user creator tool under the “Users” menu, but you would have to put in some sort of email for them – though you might find the gmail+username trick listed there helpful. Let us know how it all goes! :)

      • Ronnie Burt
  11. Thank you Ronnie!! I love this and I LOVE edublogs!!

    : ) me

    • alexandrapickett
  12. The new changes look great, thanks for always adding terrific new updates! We loved using Edublogs with our first graders this year. One quick question, did the “easy mode” button get moved? We loved using that when our students were posting but I didn’t see it at the top of the page anymore. Any help is appreciated!

    • TeamFirst
    • Hi there,

      We’re working hard to make everything as easy as the old ‘easy mode’ – so you won’t find the button available any more.

      • Ronnie Burt
  13. So much easier!

    • quincey the blacksmith
  14. i am new in this site and i really like this one, , this will be going to be one of my favorite sites,,easy to register and also i liked much the features. . =) , .

    • demidemetrio
  15. I am very new at this. I have always wanted to set up a blog for my students but did not know how! This is a learning experience for me. Thanks a million!!!

    • dfle72357
  16. Question
    How do I use the Links button? I kow how to copy and paste links from
    other places and place it on my blog post, but how can I use the Link button?
    Need to know. Shoot me an email with the answer. Thanks

    • southallc
  17. Great news! I’ve been blogging with my students for two years now using blogger but I’m seriously thinking of moving to edublogs. I have a question concerning teacher blogs though: I’m starting my teacher blog soon but I’m not sure whether I should go for edublogs or wordpress. Do edublogs provide the feature “subscribe by email” that wordpress does? I think I’ve never seen it on an edublog :-)



    • sophiamav
    • Hi Sophia,

      We do have a subscribe by email feature available :) You can also setup a free feedburner account that does the same (and a bit more) on Edublogs. Thanks!

      • Ronnie Burt
  18. This is going to be my first time using Edublogs, this year. I am so excited about being able to manage my student’s blogs and keep them under one class blog and better communicate with parents. This is going to be an exciting year!

    • kaykaydubb
  19. I just want to ask how to invite other sites to this site?

    • shy12345
  20. Thanks 4 Edublogs team U`re all is awesome guys _thanks with this i can write my opinion, and shre it to my smal class Bless U all

    • elroisipahelut
  21. thanku

    • Best Placement Institutes in Haryana
  22. We have an Edublogs Campus subscription, and professors eager to try out My Class. Is there an ETA on when it might be enabled for Edublogs Campus?

    • Carl Thelen
    • Hi Carl,

      It is already there, just needed to be quickly activated network wide. I’ve done this for you, so now “My Class” menu items appear. Thanks!

      • Ronnie Burt
      • I don’t see that on my campus account, can you tell me what I need to do to be able to utilize this?

        • Lynn Shumake
        • Hi Lynn,

          I’ve enabled it for you :)


          • Ronnie Burt

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