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It’s here!

Kicking off what is shaping up to be the biggest summer in Edublogs’ history, we’re proud to unveil our brand new official iOS app.

Get it now in the App Store!

From the iPhone and iPad, Edublogs Pro, upgraded, and Campus bloggers can sign in, write posts, upload photos, manage comments, and more with ease!

We’ll whet your appetite with a few screenshots below.

And don’t worry Android users – we certainly haven’t forgot about you ;)

Happy mobile blogging!

iPhone Login Screen


iPhone Post Editor


Editing comments on the iPad
About Ronnie Burt

Manages the Edublogs, CampusPress, and WPMU DEV Hosting services. Former secondary math teacher and wannabe musician. Follow @ronnieburt on twitter!


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  5. Any plans to have an app for the android system?

    • koehler93
    • Hi there – it is most definitely in the plans. Many of us (myself included) are team Android all the way :)

      • Ronnie Burt
      • Please, please, bring on the android app! It would be a great timesaver!

        • stjosephsfood
    • Just use the WordPress app, it works fine for me. You need to choose ‘Add a self-hosted WordPress blog’ from the initial menu choices. You’ll also need to enable remote publishing – Atom Publishing Protocol & XML-RPC (which are under Settings > Writing).

      • robfarmer
  6. Hello, I’ve added my blog but cannot edit / publish contributors posts. Hints appreciated!

    • ropl
    • Email us at support@edublogs.org with more info and we’ll help you out :)

      • Ronnie Burt
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  8. very good

    • abdulgraddip1
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  11. And don’t worry Android users – we certainly haven’t forgot about you ;)


    • paula
  12. Thats wonderful idea for i phone.we can do work on more applications with i pad .Thanks for provide information.

    • ipad app publishing
  13. I’ve installed the app on my ipad but I can’t sign in. I have checked my password and am sure I’m not making a mistake.
    Help! I’d love to use this app. Thanks in advance.

    • Leonie Richardson
    • Hi Leonie, sorry we didn’t see this comment sooner! If you are still having trouble, please contact us at support@edublogs.org so we can get you fixed up. Thanks!

      • Ronnie Burt
  14. great application thank you for sharing this information


    • idan
  15. Thanks for a fantastic app guys, it makes a massive difference to our student blogging experience.
    We do however, have a problem. We cant upload imovie files to our blogs. We firstly add the iMovie to our camera rolls but it still doesn’t work. Any ideas or is this a bug? if so, is there a fix on the way?

    Jason McMahon
    Terang College.

    • Jason McMahon
    • Hi Jason

      Glad that app is making a huge difference and sorry you are having trouble with the videos.

      Can you tell us a bit more about the problem? Is the movie uploading and you can’t see the movie embedded in Safari on their iPad or is the problem you aren’t able to upload the movie at all?


      Sue Waters
      Edublogs Support Manager

      • Sue Waters
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  17. Hi,
    Can students access the class blog on the app without having their own blog?

    • Mr Sim
    • If your students have been added as users on your class blog, and you want them to be able to write posts, they can log into the class blog on the app using their username and password.

      For example, if your students are contributors they just log in using the app and they will be able to submit a post as pending via the app.

      Hope this has helped and please let us know if you need further assistance.


      • Sue Waters
  18. I’ve just loaded the app. Do I now have to pay for WordPress? How do I get word press?

    • Dominica
    • Hi Dominica,

      Edublogs is built on WordPress – you should enter your Edublogs information. Email us at support@edublogs.org with questions and we’ll gladly help!


      • Ronnie Burt
  19. Our grade 2 classroom has a set of shared iPads (5). Can we add multiple student blog accounts to the iPad app so students can used the shared iPad to post/add media to their own student blog?

    • Diana Beabout
    • Hi Diana,

      Unfortunately there isn’t a way to have multiple accounts within the one app. Unless students go in and fully erase their saved account each time. Feel free to email us at support@edublogs.org with other questions or if we can help figure out the best way with the shared ipad scenario.

      • Ronnie Burt

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