Edublogs Weekly Review: Library blogs are stealing the show!

At Edublogs, we like watching the counter at the top left of our homepage grow. As of today, there are over 617,000 teacher, student, and education blogs on which receive millions of page views each month!

In addition to that, we have tens-of-thousands more blogs on our Edublogs Campus blog sites.

So it was admittedly somewhat surprising that when looking through our stats of the most popular and frequently visited blogs in the past month, there were five library blogs that ranked in the top 15!

This is no slight on library blogs, but with the many different types of blogs we serve, such a large number from one group was a bit unexpected.  But in fact, when looking through the top 100, many more library blogs are drawing a large amount of visitors as well.

libraryThe five most frequently visited library blogs are:

  1. Union Hill Elementary School Library
  2. WHS Library
  3. Old Town Elementary School Library
  4. FHMS Media Center
  5. The Beak

Congratulations to all of the library blogs out there that are extending the reach of library resources well beyond the four walls of the school building.

Some of the great ideas we see on these blogs include book reviews, reading groups, access to the library catalog, and school photos. The library really can be the hub of learning and idea sharing in a school.

Top #ebshare tweets from the week:

Students are blogging today. Join us! Oct 22 12:57:46 via Power Twitter

The Teacher Experience Exchange is a free resource for teachers. Check us out! #ebshare #ntchatWed Oct 20 04:05:01 via TweetDeck

I have a trunkload of pumpkins I’m taking to school today. What do pumpkins have to do with digital media? This: Oct 18 12:34:29 via web

Want to share a post, ask others to visit a blog for comments, or show off cool student work? Use the hashtag #ebshare to let us know so we can re-tweet it for you!

Featured Edublog of the Week


All Library Blogs

There is just too many good ones to choose from!

See the library page from our blogs directory!

Find more great blogs like this one in our International Edublogs Directory.

Summing it up

We really enjoy seeing all of the different uses of Edublogs out there. And we couldn’t be more thrilled that librarians are finding blogging as a valuable resource in their schools.

Does your school have a library blog not listed?

Do you have a tip for what to include on library blogs?

Chime in, comment below, and let us know!

Edublogs Weekly Review: Student-centered learning and collaboration using technology

One of the most powerful and revolutionary aspects of many technologies being used in classrooms today revolve around the fact that they facilitate student-centered learning and collaboration.

Perhaps summarized best in this week’s post from the Education Vision Leadership blog, the move to student initiated learning, while natural, is not an easy progression. Traditional methodologies, school systems, and curricula requirements are all hurdles that educators are striving to jump over each day.

Collaboration among students is a central component of building a student-centered classroom. The integration of many tech tools into teaching and learning practices are certainly changing and improving the way we collaborate.

Google Docs is one of the most widely used collaborative tools and it was the topic of this week’s Edublogs Live Webinar. The recording of the Elluminate session can be found here.

Here are a few recent blog posts that discuss different collaboration tools in the classroom (all of which can be embedded into a blog):

  1. Sewing up class discussions with VoiceThread – USM Library Blog
  2. Wallwisher and the Christchurch Earthquake – ICT Teaching and Learning
  3. – The Education Technology Blog
  4. Glogster – Two Writing Teachers

Top edutweets from the week:

“Assessing a Teacher’s Value” NY Times, includes pieces from Linda Darling-Hammond & @DianeRavitch Sep 07 03:58:59 via Seesmic twhirl

The Education Crisis in Two Minutes: Sep 09 21:00:16 via HootSuite

Just asked my teacher if I could write my public admin blog comparing the episode of Family Guy I saw Monday to local gvn’t. She said yes :)Wed Sep 08 16:52:15 via web

Featured Edublog of the Week

edu_featured_dir Lauren’s Blog and Abbey’s Blog

Two incredible student blogs!
Find more student blogs and register now for the Student Blogging Challenge!

Find more great blogs like this one in our International Edublogs Directory.

Summing it up

We think that there is no better tool than a blog to act as a “home base” for all of the different collaborative tools out there.  Not to mention the built in commenting, sharing, and collaborative tools of a blog itself.

What other tools do you use for student collaboration that was left off our list? Do you have any links to share with others of your students’ work?

Edublogs Weekly Review: Connect with classrooms and experts around the world with Skype

You may have heard that Skype announced this week the new ability to video conference with up to 10 users at once.

We’ve tested this out and find it to be really cool. And since many classrooms around the globe are using services like Skype, we thought we would share a bit more.


Skype is a free tool that allows users to make voice and video calls to any other Skype user in the world.

Teachers and students have been using Skype for years to bring experts, authors, and guest speakers right into the classroom with no travel necessary.  Previously, Skype didn’t allow more than two video callers at a time, and with this addition, even more connections and interactions can be shared simultaneously.

If you are looking for other classrooms to connect with, a great place to start is on this post from  To add your class to this list, visit this post here and leave your details.

Here are a few other great recent posts about using Skype in the classroom:

  1. An Author in Every Classroom: Kids connecting with authors via Skype. It’s the next best thing to being there.
  2. Learning Beyond Walls: 21 Skype Resources
  3. Skype Saves the Day for Teacher Seminar
  4. Miss Tyler-Smith’s Class: Our First Skype Call!!

Top edutweets from the week:

They have to have permission to get them out – but we’ve used cell phones in my 9th grade 6 out of the last 7 days.Mon Aug 30 14:45:48 via HootSuite

The 6 Step Plan to Using Your 21st Century Voice to Make a Difference Aug 31 23:18:27 via Reeder

Just had an AWESOME Skype session w/ the students of @USCAnnenberg on #edreform and digital media | Thanks @BillCelisThu Sep 02 23:57:14 via TweetDeck

Featured Edublog of the Week

edu_featured_dir Heroes 2001
Indianapolis, Indiana USA
A fantastic English class blog!
Read our interview with Jana Haffley, creator of this blog here.

Find more great blogs like this one in our International Edublogs Directory!

Summing it up

As the world grows smaller each day, and increasing focus is placed on global connections and relationships, we think Skype and other communication tools (like blogs) will only increase in their popularity.

Leave a comment and let us know if you have used Skype in your teaching or if you have anything else to share!

Edublogs Weekly Review: Social networking in schools, Facebook in trouble and email a thing of the past

Welcome to the first of what we hope is a useful post with a weekly overview of news in the edublogging world.

This week, one of the most discussed topics around the web has to do with the use of social media by educators and students in schools.

Many schools seem to be moving to strict policies that outright ban or limit their use, while others are encouraging the use of Twitter, Facebook and other tools in classrooms.

Edubloggers too are divided on the issue, though the majority seem to be more in favor of increasing the use and teaching students (and teachers) how to use them appropriately.

Dodie Ainslie has some great advice for teachers in her post, Being Professional in a Digital World.

Other great posts just this week on the topic of social media include:

  1. Video Rebuttal to Educational Leaders and Parents On The Social Media Ban Wagon
  2. Facebook and teachers: Still a potentially dangerous combination for your career
  3. Bittersweet News for Social Media in Education
  4. Social Networking and the Death of Email

Top edutweets from the week:

A look at the work of Sal Khan- – very good online teaching. I’ve been viewing many of his lectures @ khanacademy.orgWed Aug 25 04:51:21 via web

New Blog Post: A PLN Connection…11 Years in the Making! @teachingwthsoul & I didn’t know just how connected we were!Fri Aug 27 13:26:02 via web

My Dad Doesn’t Google Aug 27 10:14:59 via bitly

Featured Edublog of the Week

edu_featured_dir Teacher Reboot Camp
A true must read blog!

Find more great blogs like this one in our International Edublogs Directory!

Summing it up

Where do you stand on the use of Social Media in the classroom?

  1. Does it depend on the age of students?
  2. The subject taught?
  3. Should teachers and students be ‘friends’ on facebook?

We would definitely be interested in hearing more about your views and the policies in place at your school.

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