At Edublogs, we like watching the counter at the top left of our homepage grow. As of today, there are over 617,000 teacher, student, and education blogs on which receive millions of page views each month!

In addition to that, we have tens-of-thousands more blogs on our Edublogs Campus blog sites.

So it was admittedly somewhat surprising that when looking through our stats of the most popular and frequently visited blogs in the past month, there were five library blogs that ranked in the top 15!

This is no slight on library blogs, but with the many different types of blogs we serve, such a large number from one group was a bit unexpected.  But in fact, when looking through the top 100, many more library blogs are drawing a large amount of visitors as well.

libraryThe five most frequently visited library blogs are:

  1. Union Hill Elementary School Library
  2. WHS Library
  3. Old Town Elementary School Library
  4. FHMS Media Center
  5. The Beak

Congratulations to all of the library blogs out there that are extending the reach of library resources well beyond the four walls of the school building.

Some of the great ideas we see on these blogs include book reviews, reading groups, access to the library catalog, and school photos. The library really can be the hub of learning and idea sharing in a school.

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I have a trunkload of pumpkins I’m taking to school today. What do pumpkins have to do with digital media? This: Oct 18 12:34:29 via web

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Featured Edublog of the Week


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There is just too many good ones to choose from!

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Summing it up

We really enjoy seeing all of the different uses of Edublogs out there. And we couldn’t be more thrilled that librarians are finding blogging as a valuable resource in their schools.

Does your school have a library blog not listed?

Do you have a tip for what to include on library blogs?

Chime in, comment below, and let us know!

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