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One of the best parts about working at Edublogs is seeing daily all of the amazing learning experiences of students through blogging.

We regularly try to share these examples on our Facebook and Twitter pages, but this one in particular seemed worthy of a bit more.

Six teachers, from six different corners of the world, have collaborated together and co-created the Our World, Our Stories project blog.

The seven week long project has a different class, each from a different country, leading the students through learning experiences each week. For example, this week the students are discussing about the similarities and differences between their typical school days in each country.

You can learn more about all of the details on the about page here.

We absolutely love this idea and encourage everyone to check-in on the blog over the coming weeks to see how it plays out.

Or if you are interested in doing something similar with your students, feel free to leave your name, location, age group, and a link to your blog or contact info in the comments below. 

Perhaps you can find willing classes to start a global blogging project on your own.

What amazing work by these teachers, and what an exciting experience for these students!

About Ronnie Burt

Manages the Edublogs, CampusPress, and WPMU DEV Hosting services. Former secondary math teacher and wannabe musician. Follow @ronnieburt on twitter!


  1. Hi Ronnie,

    Thanks so much for featuring our latest global project. All the students are very excited about it and learning a lot, only a few days in.

    If your readers are interested in starting their own global project, I’ve written a bit of a guide on my blog http://primarytech.global2.vic.edu.au/2011/10/26/start-your-own-global-project/

    Kathleen Morris

    • Mrs Kathleen Morris
    • Wow cool!

      • Joe Black
      • W@s so cool hockey fool

        • Taylor Sandifer
    • OMG! Mr. Avery should see this after all he is a part of it! I think this is amazing!!! I was writing a post and I saw this and thought maybe this could be interesting and it IS it is part of my daily life! :lol:

      • turtles2000
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  3. Dear Ronnie,

    Thanks so much for supporting our blog through this wonderful post! The Our World, Our Stories project has already lead to so many interesting connections and conversations between the classes! Students, teachers, and even parents are all getting involved!

    Blogging is such a wonderful platform for bringing learners together!

    Thanks again!

    Linda Yollis

    • Mrs. Yollis
  4. I would love to take part in this project. I am a grade 3 teacher in Cochrane, Alberta and we study four different countries in Social Studies and would love to get in contact with students in those parts of the world. We study Peru, Tunisia, Ukraine and India.

    I have a private Wiki page through school but would be more than happy to get an edublog for this purpose.

    I loook forward to hearing from you.

    Mme Veronica

    • Veronica Cuttini
  5. Dear Ronnie,
    Thanks so much for writing about our project. We are very excited about the next seven weeks and the connections we are making with students from all over the world.

    We have only just started and already the students in my class are learning so much. They are full of of questions for their new friends and are looking forward to sharing more about themselves.

    Thanks again,
    Melody Watson
    British Columbia, Canada

    • Mrs. Watson
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  7. I teach 7th grade (ages 12-13) Language Arts in a small, rural school in Ohio. I would love to take part in a project like this with other teachers and classrooms around the world!

    Roberta Caudill

    • Mrs. Caudill
    • My 4/5th grade students would love to take part in this!
      Ms. S


      • teamteddy
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  9. Sign me up! I would love to connect with other classrooms around the world.
    Melissa Murphy, 2nd grade teacher
    Asheville, NC USA

    • 2018teacher
  10. I would be interested in a project like this with my 2nd grade students in Monroe, NC, USA. We especially are interested in our focus countries of Australia, New Zealand, England, Canada and Peru. We also like learning about other states in the USA. We are a Global Gateway school in North Carolina. I have a diverse group of students.
    Our blog site is at http://brendatodd.edublogs.org.

    • Roadrunners
  11. im sam im 18 from england i go to st vincent collage gosport hampshire england.
    this project seems interesting im doing an it course at the moment but before hand i did photography i would love it talk to teachers and students around the world it would be fun getting more opinions of people i dont really know at all.

    • Gloomy Bear
  12. Hi! This is very exciting – great work! I teach grade 8 and am looking to connect with other intermediate teachers/classes for our culture migration unit. Anyone interested?

    • mrsbrants
    • Hi Mrs Brants,
      I’ve jusr started blogging this week with my Year 9 low-ability/EAL class (ages 13-14) to help improve their literacy. I think they’d be quite excited by something like this. Are you still interested, and do we sound like the sort of class you’re looking for?

      Charlotte Junker (UK)

      • Ms Junker
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  14. Hi All,

    I teach grade 8 and 9 English Language Arts in Northern Alberta. My students would love to get feedback from the world community. At this point, I put up a post and they respond.

    I look forward to coments and responses you may like to make our class blog.

    Have a great weekend!

    Brenda Bailey.

    • Hi Brenda,
      I am a year 8 and 9 English teacher in Adelaide South Australia. I am currently trialing using edublogs with my year 9 class. I would be really like to start some global colaboration. I will send some of my students your way if you send you send some to our blog! Here is mine.

      Allira Quinton

      • missquinton
  15. I’m an 8th grader from Argentina studying in Cairo, and I have been through projects like these, but never in EduBlog

  16. Hi!

    I teach English as a foreign language to junior high school students (aged from 13 to 15) in a rural village in the South part of Greece. Last year, my students improved, shared and provided feedback for their writing via my blog entitled icanwrite that can be found at http://www.daskalogi.edublogs.org. They found the whole blogging experience really exciting and motivating. This year, we are working on an anti-bullying campaign, some sections of which are uploaded and displayed on the blog.

    We would be glad to take part in your project.

    Best regards

    Eleni Daskalogiannaki

    • Hi Eleni:
      We’re just beginning to blog this week, but my classes are very excited about it. We’re mostly using the blog for science class, but I also teach a class that includes anti-bullying units and would love to find a way to connect with you. I teach 11-12 year-olds in rural New York state. I’ll be getting a new group of students for this class in two weeks and would love to work with you!
      -Talia Miller

      • msmiller6
  17. Hi,
    I would definitely like to do the same thing with my class. I have a 12th grade economics class that I would like to get started with. Please send me the information on how to get started. My blog info is coachjoseph.edublogs.org.
    Thank you

    • Social Science & More
  18. I think its great that global connections are made. Way to go!

    • kmunozjiustudent
  19. Hi:
    I replied directly to Eleni about her anti-bullying unit, but I’d be interested in connecting with other teachers, too. I teach 6th grade (11-12 yr olds) in rural New York state. I’m not sure if someone is compiling our comments and putting something together, or if this is more of a place to post and then do-it-yourself. Does anyone know the answer?
    -Talia Miller

    • msmiller6
  20. Hello,

    My class of third graders would love to join a similar experience. How could we do this? We are in Asheville, NC. I have only been here a year and taught before in Italy. I am from England.

    Let us know!


    • cynthia
    • Hi Cynthia,

      I have a class of grade 3 students in South Australia and we would love to collaborate with you. Have you found anyone yet?



      • rpsroom15
  21. Very interested! I have a group of 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders whom are members of the Student Council Government in our school. Also, my homeroom, 5th grade class would be so very blessed journaling through blogging. We are in the very dry Pueblo West, Colorado. Thanks so much : )

    Tracee Easton

    • mrseaston5thgrade
  22. I think this is amazing. I have wanted to do something like this before, but haven’t had the time to set up the platform to do so. Please add me to list of potential international bloggers. I teach 6th grade reading in Indiana with 45 fantastic students. I wouldn’t eliminate any potential country to blog with, but we do have special units studying Italy, France, Russia, and Germany.

    • smithsefe
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  24. I teach at Sierra Expeditionary Learning School in Truckee California and my 6th grade crew would love to be involve in a global project – anyone want to join us?

    • mcmainscrew
  25. I teach high school geometry in North Carolina and would love for my students to have the opportunity to connect with students from other schools any where in the world.
    Please contact me if you would like to develop a lesson plan for students to help each other with learning geometry, if you would like to have students collaborate, or if you have information about how to find teachers looking to connect globally.
    I can be contacted through our class blogsite is
    or my school email:

    Thank you,
    Joanne Crooks

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