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We’ve got a tangy new feature for you to kick off 2009 – Audio and Video comments powered by Riffly!

If you’re an Edublogs Supporter, just head on over to your Plugins tab to activate the plugin and enjoy the results.

And while you’re there, you might also note that Supporters have access to a whole range of new plugins too, including threaded comments and full Twitter integration… and there’s more to come.

So., why not try out the audio & video commenting facility below by telling us about some of the extra features you’d like us to make available for Supporters?

Or maybe just saying ‘hi’ :)

About James

James Farmer lives in Melbourne, Australia and spends most of his days chained to a computer while being harassed by tiny pixies insisting that he try to improve edublogs.


  1. [riffly_video]638ACC90E68011DDA64168DB68DDF31E[/riffly_video]

  2. That’ll be coming soon… and it won’t cost you a penny more either!

  3. James,

    Really exciting but NOT FREE! Are there any similar resources available that are? I’m teaching new teachers and they don’t have money for odds and ends like this!


    • dmlagrone
  4. Hi James
    I left a comment in the forum about the audio/video comments plugin by riffly but thought I would post here too just to make people aware that riffly includes ads in the plug in. I know that you cannot control what appears in the ads (which when I briefly used the plugin included, g*mbling, dating services and striptease offers). Educators need to be aware that this content will/may appear on their blogs if they activate and use this plugin.

    Can you contact riffly to request an ‘educators’ version more suited to the needs of edubloggers?

    PS When I tried to submit this comment I couldn’t because it contained the worg ‘g*mbling’. How ironic is that !

    • janning
  5. True, being a supporter isn’t free, but neither are other ‘odds and ends’ like magazines, books, public transport or coffee (which are actually all a bit more expensive than less than $4 per month- or just over 10c a day).

    Janning, unfortunately there are some ads on Riffly, and if they offered an ad free platform we’d probably be among the first to subscribe to it, but for the moment the sheer ease of use makes it OK – and if you are that concerned about students seeing ads then I’d suggest that you make sure they stop using google (or any other search engine) or looking at online news sites.

  6. James
    I’m not sure what to expect as a new member aswell as a supporter. I hope I get a really good learning experience through this. Ohh, and James I hope you’ll be nice enough in the future if a have a question or if I’m lost somehow you can help me?
    Giancanrlos*** Tried to sumit earlier but I was unable too…..

    • giancanrlos
  7. Funny Video

    • bladefighter110
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  9. Hello James
    I can’t find the place to put my written comment so am posting it here. I have just become a supporter (fionabeal.edublogs.org) – my dashboard space shows the 5120mb but there’s no badge yet. How do I obtain that? I would also urgently like to turn off the 30 ads (allowed to supporters) in my Grade4/5 blogs asap because some of them are unsuitable ads for that age-group. How can I go about that please James? Many thanks, Fiona Beal

    • fionabeal
  10. Liked your facebook page :) I love that teachers can group up and kinda have a little bit more interaction with parents through things like this.

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