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Here’s some pretty big news… Edublogs.org is now open only for teachers but also for students of all descriptions.

Previously we’ve hosted three other sites – uniblogs.org, learnerblogs.org and eslblogs.org for students but we decided a few weeks ago that this is both overly complex and limits what teachers can do with their students through their blog on Edublogs.org.

Uniblogs.org, Learnerblogs.org and Eslblogs.org will remain in operation indefinitely but we won’t be allowing new signups to them, from now on *everyone* can sign up here and simply select if they are a ‘Teacher’, ‘Student’ or ‘Other’ (librarian, researcher, administrator etc.)

You can change this ‘blog type’ at any time through your options and we’ll be adding more ‘types’ as we go along (best to start simple).

And here’s one of the immediate benefits of the new system… our brand spanking new, completely groovy, forum system!

new edublogs forum system

All you have to do is visit Options > Forums and you can create a forum and add it anywhere on your blog by simply pasting in the ‘Page Code’ that you are provided with – for example (forum:4) – but with square brackets.

Then you can use it for class discussions, Q&A on anything you want and as a central hub for hosting conversations on whatever you like. You know, all the things that forums are good for :)

And of course, now all you students need to have is a username and/or blog on edublogs.org and their avatars will appear next to their contributions and link back to their blogs if the have them. Neat huh!

Here’s a handy 3 minute video that goes through the whole process of setting up a forum:

Setting up an Edublogs forum

So we hope the new system makes life easier for everyone and we hope you enjoy the new forums functionality (please feel free to suggest any improvements too!)

NB: You can export blogs from uniblogs.org, learnerblogs.org and eslblogs.org to Edublogs.org if you want by creating new blogs at Edublogs.org and using the Manage > Import / Export features.

About James

James Farmer lives in Melbourne, Australia and spends most of his days chained to a computer while being harassed by tiny pixies insisting that he try to improve edublogs.


  1. James,

    Thanks for your response. I am aware that students can login by going to /wp-admin. What I am trying to point out, and I apologize if my temporary rage made it unclear, is that in the real world students forget things like their username and URL. While the instructor may or may not be wise enough to keep a list of his or her students’ names and addresses, support staff almost certainly don’t have the time to do this.

    If I may submit again, more clearly and humbly, it just seems a better UI choice to me to have the old front pages remain open for the old users to login there, with “I forgot my ____” options. This would give instructors, staff and other students who offer help a simple answer to give regardless of what troubled students do or don’t remember. New student users could be given a link to go to the main Edublogs page and register.

    Just my 2¢.

    • Yeri
  2. cool

    • kc827352
  3. Hi,

    In a future version of the forum, would it be possible to embed the edublogs login fields? This would save the user from having to open a new window for edublogs.org and return to my blog. Everything on one page would be a benefit, I think.

    Thanks and I appreciate all the hard work behind this,


  4. Quick question. I’m new at this, but I was looking at some information posted about three weeks ago. I found a video illustrating and basically selling the use of technology in the classroom. It gave numerous statistics as to student use of technology in today’s society. I wish to use this video as a presentation to my department in an attempt to get them to buy in to blogging in their classrooms. I can no longer locate this video. Any idea as to where I may locate it. It’s probably right under my nose and I just can’t see it. Please inform or assisat me in getting to the correct questioning location.

  5. James, I think the forum feature is a great idea and will increase the benefits of using Edublogs in the classroom. It’s up to the teacher to use this new functionality if so desired. I know some of our Teachers are keen to use this feature.

    You are doing a great job here. Thank you for the improvements that you are making. Keep moving Edublogs forward.



  6. I have a question that may be dumb, but I would like to use Edublog with my students, but most do not have e-mail addresses. I work in a very low income area. How can I use this with my class if they don’t have e-mail? The district blocks all outside e-mail accounts. We are supposed to be getting Gaggle accounts, but somethings has happened to that. If someone can help me out, I’d really appreciate it.

    • wmathrules
  7. I have encountered two problems.

    1) When my students sign up for an edublogs id, if they attept to register an id that is already in use, I have found that the password gets registered and is therefore not usable on the next error page. While they can wait a few days, this seems overly sensitive to me. Any way to alter that?

    2) Once they log on, there is no link sign-in boxes on the forum page. The process of moving to Edublogs.org, loggin in, then getting back to the forum seems a bit bulky. Any way to add a sign in box?

  8. Hi James,
    Since early February I have had a class blog on learnerblogs at http://tasteach.learnerblogs.org If I want to import this into a new blog at edublogs, can this be done very easily? Would like the new blog to be wyatt67.edublogs.org if it has not already been taken with me as the admin.

  9. how about u guys set one up for us kids to talk in…

    • chrisk8er
  10. @Seth – good idea.

    @Sue Manage > Import / Exports shoudl do you

    @chrisk8er – Go for it, you can set one up yourself :)

  11. Thamks James, have just exported and imported everything from learnerblogs. My new edublogs site looks exactly the same … lol Will start with some student blogs in second term. BTW, when you have type of blog and choices are teacher, student or other, what is included under other? For example mine is a class blog but I am only administrator so I have said it is teacher.

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  13. hey you guys i just started blogging it rocks. i never did it before

    • kierramc
  14. how do i start a conversation

    • gerry21
  15. Is there a place I can go to see a forum? I am unsure what a forum is, how it differs from a post with comments. Oh boy, now you just know how new I am to all of this.

    • genarg

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