With not-so-heavy-heart Edublogs finally bids farewell to the ubiquitous Kubrick as our default theme today and welcomes in a mod of the brilliant 3 column Cutline based on the original by the brilliant Chris Pearson.

New default Edublogs theme

We originally figured we’d wait to see what new default WP came up with but sometimes, heck, you’ve just got to take these things into your own hands!

The new default theme has a nice customizable header, first level pages listings (if you make pages ‘sub-pages’ by giving them page parents they won’t appear), two widgetized sidebars (with one dedicated to telling you want to do with it) and a first post full of useful information and a quick video introducing you to the site.

An unfortunate by-product is that everyone with a default theme now has the new theme… however, never fear as you can just reselect Kubrick if you like as it’s now available as a regular old theme.

You can see an example of how a brand new blog will now look here.

Onwards and upwards as they say!

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