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Phew, it’s been a busy few weeks here at casa Edublogs.

But all that toil has not gone in vain as we have a few new goodies for you that we think you’ll like.

First up there’s the Clustrmaps Widget… basically this little beauty makes it utterly simple to insert a Clustrmap into your sidebar, go give it a go, it’s a synch!

Then we’ve got a delightful new theme that goes by the name of Vertigo and is adapted from the excellent original WordPress theme designer supremo Brian Gardener. Just scroll down to the bottom of you theme area and you’ll find it there. Here’s an example of it being used rather beautifully indeed at Frank’s blog (who helped us with some tweaks, thanks Frank :).

And as if that wasn’t enough we’ve gone and make the backend of Edublogs seriously multilingual. You can now operate your Edublog in 34 different languages including, along with the regular ones, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Uzbek and Esperanto :) Just go to your options menu and select your language of choice.

Finally as we’ve had quite a few incidences of users RSS feeds being stolen and republished elsewhere without your permission, we’ve added a small copyright notice to the end of every feed… so if it is published, you should be able to track it down a whole heap easier and get the recognition you deserve (feed thieves usually remove the link from the header only).

About James

James Farmer lives in Melbourne, Australia and spends most of his days chained to a computer while being harassed by tiny pixies insisting that he try to improve edublogs.


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  4. Great news, James!

    I was just going to send you a message asking for Edublogs in Spanish, since some Argentinian teachers wanted to start their blogs here, but found it a bit difficult because they don’t speak English. I’ll post a message on our Ning group http://edubloggerargento.ning.com/

    Thanks a lot!

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  6. Fantastic these new features, but… where is the Italian language? Italian is an important language here in Europe! So I hope it will be added in the list…

    • Matteo Bronz
  7. Any chance these will be available in Learnerblogs? I don’t see the clustr widget there. Would also love a visitor counter and timezone map. The widgetbox ones aren’t great.

  8. You guys need to work on your avatars :)

    @Matteo I believe Italian is there.

    @Susan yes, they will be soon.

  9. Hi James, let’s see if now my avatar is ok…
    But I can’t find Italian in the scroll list…

    • Matteo Bronz
  10. Uhm, why I can’t see my avatar? It should be visible…

    • Matteo Bronz
  11. I can see you, very nice :) Will check on the Italian job…

  12. Hi Matteo,

    Italian should now be available…. sorry for the oversight!

  13. Thank You James! :-)

    • Matteo Bronz
  14. James, thank you so much for picking up and literally recoding the Vertigo theme for edublogs.org. It was a joy working on this with you … well you did all the work, I got to play. Thanks again, I think that Vertigo is the theme for me. And, I trust that many other educators will love it as much as you, I and Sue do.

    :) Frank

  15. I have set up a blog for my class of Yr 7s. They love it. The main thing I can’t do is insert a widget from Widgetbox. (Have done a calendar, text, etc) I watched the video about 5 times but can’t find anything called “panel id” in the codes from WB. Any ideas?

    • woodlands5
  16. I want to edit my flickr pictures but I don’t know how. I already opened a flickr account if that helps. Can someone halp me please? How do I change the pictures of the flickr widget in my blog? thanks.

    • rrmasonry
  17. Good luck rrmasonry. It seems this comments section isn’t frequented very much. It’s been 2 weeks since my question and nobody else has left any comments. I’m afraid I can’t help you as I have no idea about flickr.

    • woodlands5
  18. Guys, as we say all over thr site you need to go to thr forums: http://edublogs.org/forums/ for help, not just leave comments on posts.

    And if you don’t receive a response at the forums it’s usually because you haven’t given enough details or have asked a questions that you can get an answer too by looking at the FAQ or videos – just go to ‘Support’ up top.

  19. OK. Thanks James

    • woodlands5
  20. Great to see Hebrew is included in the languages. Unfortunately although the translation is excellent, the templates aren’t suited to RTL which means that the alignment of the blogs is incorrect for Hebrew. Is there anyway to upload templates?

    • edureshet
  21. We’re going to ‘internationalize’ all the themes soon so hopefully that’ll help – as for reading from right to left (that’s what you mean, right?) I’m not really sure… I guess we could always hav ea dedicated theme for that purpose?

  22. There’s an Israeli site which provides right to left WordPress templates for download. It would be excellent if you could add a couple. At the moment all Hebrew text on Edublogs appears left to right, which also means the punctuation is appearing in the wrong place.

    I posted this on the edublogs forum too and included a link to the template site

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