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What more can I say, last week we passed 100,000 edublogs and we’re extremely happy about it :)

CC Mohanmon

Well, OK, I can say a bit more, in fact we’ve currently got more like 103,000 blogs, separated over four sites (63K on edublogs.org and 39K spread across the student sites).

In September at edublogs.org alone we racked up 268,638 unique visitors, who dropped by 904,053 times enjoying 13,701,840 page views while sucking up almost 500Gig bandwidth.


And to add to that we picked another new webserver, introduced upgrades, synced up with your webmail for invites and generally had a very busy time of it.

And October is going to be just as fun – we think you’re really going to like some of the things we’ve got planned.

So thanks for being part of our first 100K… and happy edublogging!

About James

James Farmer lives in Melbourne, Australia and spends most of his days chained to a computer while being harassed by tiny pixies insisting that he try to improve edublogs.


  1. w00t! :)

    • Tama
  2. Thanks, my humble edublog may have helped kick you over the 100K mark…
    I wish you further great success and offer a huge THANKS… yes, I’m shouting that.

    • Andy
  3. keep on blogin…….

    its so easy, I can use it.

    100000…thats about as old as I feel today……..

    thanks for all you easy to use tools.

    • Brian
  4. Congratulations, my friend. I hope that the idea that one innovative and enterprising young man is serving all of these opportunities to all of these people has not escaped you.

  5. Hi
    It’r a great news .
    I will translate it to farsi language in my blog

  6. Congratulations James – there is certainly a lot of interest in Edublogs amongst the teaching community. Teachers have been quick to realise how simple and safe they are to use – and most of all how useful a learning tool that can be.

    Thank you for helping educators embrace the ‘new paradigm’ of learning that our students are equipped and ready for.

  7. Seriously well done James and you still manage the personal touch with so many of us who come pestering over minor issues like blog themes and domain questions!!

  8. Us teacher bloggers are sooooooo glad that you do this James. Edublogs and Learnerblogs rock!
    Congratulations on an extremely comfortable and effective place to blog!

  9. Congrats James! This is a real milestone. I can’t thank you enough for providing this amazing tool to teachers and kids. I concur with Chrissy H, you rock!

  10. Right on James! Great work with this – may it continue to help teachers and learners achieve their goals.

  11. I have a long time James Farmer “fanboy”. Every time you add new cool features, I smile from ear to ear. Excellent educational tool.

  12. Amazing! It is great to know that so many people are learning while blogging.

  13. can you please please unblock bebo and you will make my school mates prowd

  14. Congratulations and thank you for this goog job!

    • I agree with you Madam.
      Congratulations from Miami.
      I’m completely in love with service.

  15. That is exciting stuff, James! The site continues to evolve and improve, too. I’ve got entire campuses using it now. Keep up the good work!

  16. Well Done, and thankyou from all us edublogs bloggers! PS: do we get to know the URL for the 100,000 blog? (No pressure on the person with that particular blog!)

  17. Congratulations on the big Day! I hope more educators will join your site in the endeavor to teach their students to write with pleasure! Ludmilla

  18. Congratualtions!

    This is your day. You have made a history in e- learning by providing free blogging shareware .
    Great service to the teachers and students of the world.
    thanks a lot.

  19. that’s a great news for all of us. I always enjoy edublogs


    thanks James

  20. Congratulations on an outstanding achievement for all of education! This is the best “measurement” I have read in a long time.

    • chs
  21. So do you think this blogging thing will take off? The numbers tell a big story, congrats!

    • Alan
  22. Thanx for all teh nice comments… y’know, I reckon that this blogging thing is just a fad really ;)

  23. 100 000! Blogs my mind! Congratulations c”,) We have a long way to go in Norway, this is inspiring!

  24. Well done tadpole killer.

  25. 100K blogs is great but you need to improve your support service. I have been trying to get a new password and it is not being sent to my email. What do I do now? Call? No, there is no number to call. Email? No email available. I have not been able to update my blog. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  26. Erik,

    a. it’s Sunday & b. if you send emails full of CAPITAL LETTERS to support you shoouldn’t expect a hurried response.

    I’d recommend a free blog host that provides email support, phone numbers and spends sundays resetting passwords… if I knew of one.

  27. It has been so nice using the edublog with my friend in UK whiles I am in Ghana.Thanks for your good work and continue doing more and more

  28. Well done James, and its all free. My class loves reading comments on their posts and it is a great way to involve parents in our class activities.

  29. Congratulations! Do you have any idea how many TREES you have saved by having this site available to educators? I will be using this site for as long as I am teaching. Thank You so much!

  30. I am so happy to have been introduced to this site. My little blog is not so snazzy (yet) but represents my best efforts to stay abreast of the current trends in edtech stuff. Thanks for providing this valuable service.

    • mcarroll
  31. technically blogging is a great experience with upgraded facilities,… good job you guys!

  32. Congratulations.I visited it.From today I will try hard to update my blogknowledge,such an experience.

    • Anish P. Chirackal
  33. Conratulation! As I am an English teacher, I will use it as a means of improving my students’ competence for communication in using English language.

    • Sri Muryati
  34. We speak Indonesian, hope through blog my students will improve their English mastery

    • Sri Muryati
  35. that is soooo cool!!!

    • pinkpanther23
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  37. Excellent & Congratulation! I am also happy with this achievement. For The Malaysian Edu-bloggers, AYUH MAJU LAGI!!

    • ilmu
  38. This is my 33rd year of teaching and creating this blog has been a recent highlight. I am keen to hear how other Visual Arts teachers are enjoying showcasing their student work via blogs.

    • tlpsart
  39. I have been building an education sharing platform using edublogs for past 2 weeks. Glad to be one of the 100,000. : )

    I am also keen to learn about other edublogs users’ site – a good way to learn from one another, especially on the availability of technical possibility in incorporating to the site.

    But there does not seem to be any where I can locate others’ website like wordpress has. The closest I have seen are sites of the working personnels’ sites in offering helpful info, but not other users. Pls advise.

    • wong
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  41. I am glad I have found you and are part of your massive set of edublogs. Though can stop long to write this – still playing with my widgets and plug ins…! Have no idea where my pics are uploading too yet… lol

    marj54 – wishing I was a marj14 of todays whizz kids on computers!

  42. Thank you, James, for making this site for educators. I’m still novice, but I hope to be able to make an exciting blog myself and to use the technology for my EFL classes. I’d like to tell my Japanese colleagues about the site, too. Arigato!

    • tamiko
  43. Thank you James

    • Mike
  44. Hey James! There is certainly a lot of interest in Edublogs amongst the teaching community. Teachers have been quick to realise how simple and safe they are to use – and most of all how useful a learning tool that can be. Regards, David

  45. can i create edublogs blog? im from malaysia…

    • Absolutely! We have users from all over the world. :)

  46. I am glad to have found your blog today. This will be a great help in updating the knowledge base on my Online Education Guide.

  47. I’m still a beginner, but I commit to be able to make a blog interesting to me and to use technology to my classes. Thanks to all

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