The new academic year is upon us and we’ve got heaps of great new features (more on the way),  brilliant new speedy servers and even a fancy new logo and look to take us into 2007 – 2008.

So, what better time than to spread the word, by letting your colleagues know all about us.

And guess what, we’ve made that dead easy for you too – if you look on your ‘Dashboard’ you’ll see a link saying: “NEW – Recommend edublogs to your colleagues and friends” or you can get straight to it from  Users > Invites (below):

Recommend edublogs to your colleagues

Just whack in a special message, add a few emails, and hit send :)

Or, if you really want to go to town, you can click on the link provided and import email addresses from gmail, yahoo, hotmail, lycos or msn! All you have to do then is select the ones you want to email.

Get involved in some edublogvangelism, your colleagues will thank you for it!

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