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face125125.jpgWe just can’t tell you how sorry we are for the slow loading times, errors and downtime over the last week.

Essentially what happened was that the growth of edublogs meant that we were getting drive errors on our servers, so we had to upgrade to SSCI disks (which allow for far more accesses) and purchase more servers to cope with the load… this was far more complex than we initially imagined and thus the difficulties over the week.

That’s just an explanation though as there aren’t really any excuses – you are entrusting us to look after your blogs and we should be able to provide you with fast and functional service. We can’t apologise enough for the inconvenience.

To make sure this doesn’t happen again we are investing in the highest specification servers available and hiring the best data technicians we can get to make sure every future maintenance goes as smoothly as is humanly possible.

We are always backing up all your data but we want to bring you far better speeds, we’re also going to be ramping up our upgrade schedule and providing you with a great deal of new features, themes, plugins and widgets over the coming weeks and months.

Can I personally thank everyone for the enormous amount of patience they have shown during this time, and assure you that we will do absolutely everything that we can to make up for the last week and repay your trust in us.

If you do have any continuing issues please don’t hesitate to post them in the forums (you need to register separately there) or email us directly at support /at/ edublogs dot/ org.


About James

James Farmer lives in Melbourne, Australia and spends most of his days chained to a computer while being harassed by tiny pixies insisting that he try to improve edublogs.


  1. Thanks James. I won’t say the upgrade didn’t cause a few moments of frustration, but we all know you are doing it so we end up with the best blogging experience in the long run. And for that I’m sure the Edublogging community is very thankful. Sounds like there were a few lessons learned about upgrading servers, etc, so just put it down to experience and we’ll all move forward.
    Thanks again for making the effort you do.

  2. Thank you so much James. It must have been so frustrating to you too. Alas, it is all over now.
    Thanks again for your hard work,


  3. Thanks James
    I know you were working hard and I certainly appreciate the time, energy and resources you put into providing us with a network of free blogs for educators.

    Peace, my friend,


  4. James,

    Thanks for all your hard work in providing us with these great free resource…


  5. Otsukaresama deshta ;)

    Things does load faster now.

  6. Thanks, James, for all the work. I’m at the NECC conference in Atlanta. Your ears must have been ringing with all the sessions and presenters that acknowledged your huge contribution to bringing teachers on board in the blogosphere.

  7. Thanks!

    • MC
  8. Yes, your work is much appreciated.

  9. I can’t thank you enough for getting us back up and running smoothly. The last week has been hard on us all – especially you guys! Thanks!

  10. Thanks so much James for the blog speed and the speedy responses to my questions even when you were the thick of things. I remain a loyal edublogger and will pass the word!
    Bonnie K.

  11. Hey James, go have a cold one, would ‘ya? I’m pretty sure you guys need one after this past week. As always, thanks for taking care of us.

  12. Thanks for persevering, James!

    All of us who use technology are well aware that stuff happens, and we can’t always put it right as quickly as we’d like.


  13. Thank you so much not only for the upgrade but for your service as well. During this last week, I just kept remembering that you are providing me with a GREAT service for free so, really, who am I to get upset when you are trying to make it even better. I am sure you learned a lot this last week. I love Edublogs. You are doing a great job and service to educators. Thank You!

  14. I can’t say I didn’t come close to crushing my mouse in frustration, but I’m glad that you are back.

    It was only when it wasn’t there that I realised how much use I made of edublogs.

    You do a great job – keep it up!

  15. James,
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to create and share information with other educators. This is a wonderful way to make information accessible for all.

    • gmeo
  16. I am thankful for the service your site provides, and I have also been frustrated with the problems as I am starting on a cross-country trip and have asked my incoming students to come along with me via my blog. I am finally getting some work loaded, but am still having difficulty with slow response times. I’m hoping that there is still some tweeking going on.

    Again, thanks for the service.


  17. Thanks James – can’t say I didn’t use some expletives during the downtime – but glad all is up & running & we have a super new service. Sit down with a big drink :-)))

    Many thanks for your on-going service – it really is appreciated.


  18. Thanks for everything. Glad we are up and running. Actually it happened at the best time of the year. Summer Break! Now to start planning for next year,… going virtual with my classroom.

  19. Thanks James…things like that happen…at least this will be for the good of all…

  20. Hiya guys!
    A question firstly,my sister wants to make a blog but doesn’t get what you mean by pressing the inbox and then a link. What link?
    Secondly, cute face! I love it!
    If you would like to visit my blog go to http://www.nadinel.learnerblogs.org and you can see what i do at school and what i write about.
    I would really appreciate a comment from you on my blog!

  21. I have had my students comments show up on our blog today before I approved them. What is happening?

    S. Kidd – kidds1.edublogs.org

  22. Please use the forums for this sort of thing, it’s most likely that you are seeing the comments because you’re admin.

  23. Our students developed powerpoint presentations and lesson plans and posted them on learnerblog.org – for example – http://siftindia.learnerblogs.org/ . In returning to the sites, I am finding that the files are missing. Do you have suggestions on resolving this situation?

  24. kidds1

    I think its just there excited to start bloging, and are wating for approvil

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