If you care to wander past your ‘Presentation’ tab you’ll find four rather marvellous new themes, even if we do say so ourselves.

Terra Firma is an exquisite balance of boxes and beauty, Citrus Island will take you to the heights of web2.0 minimalist orange fashion, Reaching Darkness is one of the most well-put-together darker themes that we’ve seen in a while and – my personal favourite – would have to be ASCII2 (pictured) if only because it’s so wonderfully darn retro.

In fact we almost installed Commodore 64 styled themes and more – but decided not to as that might be a touch too geeky… however, we could be wrong, and there could also be plenty of other themes which edubloggers would like to see, so why don’t you let us know.

What WordPress themes would you like to have on Edublogs?

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