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If you care to wander past your ‘Presentation’ tab you’ll find four rather marvellous new themes, even if we do say so ourselves.

Terra Firma is an exquisite balance of boxes and beauty, Citrus Island will take you to the heights of web2.0 minimalist orange fashion, Reaching Darkness is one of the most well-put-together darker themes that we’ve seen in a while and – my personal favourite – would have to be ASCII2 (pictured) if only because it’s so wonderfully darn retro.

In fact we almost installed Commodore 64 styled themes and more – but decided not to as that might be a touch too geeky… however, we could be wrong, and there could also be plenty of other themes which edubloggers would like to see, so why don’t you let us know.

What WordPress themes would you like to have on Edublogs?

About James

James Farmer lives in Melbourne, Australia and spends most of his days chained to a computer while being harassed by tiny pixies insisting that he try to improve edublogs.


  1. beach, ocean, vacation, recycling, school, educational

  2. The ability to replace the logo for any theme with a jpg of the same size.

  3. That’s coming soon – although obviously not to themes without jpgs in their headers.

  4. educational, technology-related, and sustainability/environmental are my top three choices for themes.

  5. A flexible theme that allows you to put a customized
    header / title that you can import as a jpeg or png.

  6. I liked the little stick figure one, “girls suck”, however when you scrolled over it, there you were, proclaiming a sentiment you didn’t feel. Other themes: books, education, blue skies.

  7. I think there need to be more themes with a primary school aesthetic. It’s not something that I favor myself, but I’m hearing from others I noticed when I did a blog training that the themes don’t have that look. If you are wondering what it would be:

    1. Lots of primary and bold colors, or

    2. Mary Englebriet/Laura Ashley like (think very twee)

    3. Cartoonish letters, and numbers.

    Okay, if the last two are a bit much consider that if we get a theme with a header image that can be changed (I’ve seen folk do it with Mandigo) and but the colors were more primary, then maybe we (and I could help find/create stuff for that) could populate the alternate header images with some primary “friendly” stuff.

    I’ve been playing around with that theme generator link that I posted about in the forums and came up with something, but I’m not sure how to show it, etc. since it’s in a series of CSS files.

    Here are some themes that a someone from Ed Tech Talk came up with when demands were made for primary themes. The reading bee one seems nice.

    I love the themes you have, and the aesthetic here, but not everyone share my tastes and to get the primary folks on board, you may want to consider that? Thanks!

  8. melibs4school: there is a sky with clouds header image for freshy theme.

    James, I’ve played with Mandigo (http://tempnicholas.edublogs.org/), and it would fit the bill, if I could upload header images. I’m inferring that folks hosting wp on their own can do this (http://esltechnology.com/) because I see it being done. I’d use freshy, but the date convention on posts is continental, and since we are trying to reteach our non-American students to use U.S. dating conventions, it would be inconsistent to have it on our blog (a trifling matter, but still–we’re a school darn it). When the CSS editing comes, is that the sort of change we will be able to make? Inquiring minds, and all…I’m looking for a summer time frame.

  9. Thanks for the feedback guys, header image uploads are so close I can almost touch them! CSS editing will let you edit absolutely everything about your css :)

  10. James, I found a really cool feature that when added to wp-content, it makes the blog viewer/reader friendly to students or teachers using their cell phones to view blog content. I installed it on a blog I maintain for a local non-profit festival and it works well. So, my suggestion is a theme or pluggin that makes blogs mobile friendly.

  11. I just hope we can get the new WP Stats plugin from Automattic.

  12. I need the ability to customize the colors of any theme to fit our school standards, but very very few themes have css customizing.

    I choose the new Roundflow theme just for color customizability, but the theme has so many other problems (what kind of theme can’t even do a simple carriage return?) I can’t use it.

    There seem to be very few themes with any flexibility.
    That is much more important than just adding more themes: just add one for two columns, one for three columns, where every color can be set, and I bet you make a lot of users happy.

    And I would upgrade to premium just to be able to customize a theme, but that doesn’t seem to be available.

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