Well, it’s been a long time in coming but now it’s here with any luck we won’t have to roll it back… a major backend upgrade for edublogs.org.

This should fix a number of things including password protected posts, some commenting problems, category issues, uploading and dragging of files using browsers other than Mozilla and so on (although Safari still has troubles with the text editor… apparently that’s safari’s fault though).

So, how can you help… Well, leave a comment telling me how it’s worked for you, any bugs you’ve encountered and general feedback.

Coming soon: ‘Call for Plugins’, edublogs logo design competition and more (and better) customisable themes.

Update: Looks like it’s taking a little longer to auto-update than I expected… if you get a ‘need to update’ your database option just click through and you’ll be fine… if the posting area looks a little funny that’ll fix itself with a refresh or two. Thanks for yer patience :)

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