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Did you know that you can blog to edublogs.org using your phone, mobile device or third party application of your choice! All you need to do is to know your username and password and point it towards: http://yourblogid.edublogs.org/wordpress/xmlrpc.php (big thanks to Paulo on this one!) 

Here are a few features that I want to get working in the very near future:

Google Analytics Stats – by the time google gets this working on an ongoing basis you’ll be able to get your stats through it. You will need a gmail account though so email jamesnfarmer@gmail.com if you don’t already have one and I’ll invite you.

Invites – I’m really keen to introduce the ‘invite’ function as while you don’t need an invite to use edublogs, there’s something special about getting one ‘aint there :)

Uploading documents – Currently upload is only for images, I’m gonna change this so that you can upload documents to your hearts content too!

Login from the front page – This one might be a bit more ambitious but I’d love for people to be able to login from this front page… it’s on the list!

As for editing themes I’m afraid that there doesn’t seem to be much on the horizon on that front.. although you can use the Links tool to insert images, javascripts and more into your sidebar… hopefully, down the line, sometime, this might happen.

In the meantime… what else would you like? Let me know!

About James

James Farmer lives in Melbourne, Australia and spends most of his days chained to a computer while being harassed by tiny pixies insisting that he try to improve edublogs.


  1. Using CSS to tweak our edublogs would be an excellent feature.

  2. Sorry, at the moment there’s no way to do that (it’s in the edit themes basket)… there will be in the future though and if you want your own custom theme then all yo have to do is email it to me and I can upload it for you.

    • James
  3. Can you install the plugin for threaded comments? It works with WordPress 1.5 (so I am not sure if it is compatible with WordPress MU) and is available from http://meidell.dk/archives/2004/09/04/nested-comments/. Anyway, that would really be great if you could do this.


    • Eva
  4. Hi Eva,

    Thanks for that, I’ll check it out and run some tests.

    • James
  5. We are trying to set up a blog for the people in our schools that are initiating our Career Pathways framework. How much customizing can we do on the look of the site? ie can we add our logo, or make it a watermark? I am also worried about having my name in the title. I would like to invite these people to the Career Pathways Curriculum Leadersedublogs.org site, not the http://gperrin.edublogs.org/ site.

  6. If you want me to upload a unique WP theme for you I’d be happy to do so, otherwise the customisation is pretty much based on the themes available (over 60) and the sidebar tools… which are pretty powerful.

    Just set up a new site if you’d like a new name :)

    • James
  7. I can’t post to the blog direct from Flickr – it doesn’t like the endpoint url. Any chance of a fix? Ta LindaH

  8. Hi James, is there any way to add a Flickr badge to my blog, ideally in the sidebar, please?

  9. Hi Linda, you should be able to post remotely to your blog using this link:


    And you can add any badge you like to your sidebar using the “links” functionality.

    Have a play, let me know how you go.

    • James
  10. I was wondering if it’s possible to attach files like powerpoints to my blog. My students have made some as quizzes to practice their knowledge of Early Explorers.

  11. James,

    Thanks for your work. You’ve done an excellent job making WordPress accessible for teachers, and to some extent, you’ve inspired me to host a similar site for the teachers in my school district.

    One plugin you may want to consider is Brian Groce’s email notification plugin (http://watershedstudio.com/portfolio/software/wp-email-notification.html). Essentially, it allows people to opt-in to have content emailed to them as the content changes.

    For a teacher’s site, I could see parents signing up like this. Then, when the teacher updates the content, it gets emailed to the parents who have asked for it. They don’t have to “check back frequently for updates,” when there are updates, they’ll see them in their inboxes.

    It does give the author the option of notifying or not notifying users on the compose page.

    Nice work, and thanks again.

  12. Hi James, I see you mentioned to use the links functionality for adding scripts, pictures and the like to the sidebar. I may be all thumbs on this but nothing is working for me. I am trying to add this neat rss calendar script and I’m not getting anywhere. Can you advise me on how to do this or maybe this is impossible?

  13. Hi Brent – It’s not just you, I never did get the Flickr badge to work in the sidebar either.

  14. Hiya all,

    Just back from hols. With any luck the upgrade I’m about to do will sort a lot of this out (including adding powerpoints .mp3s etc)

    The plugin looks good too, will look into it.

    Thanks for all the feedback and patience.

    Cheers, James

    • James
  15. Good plan! Thanks for that

    • James
  16. It turns out that the Feedblitz form doesn’t seem to be usable as a new link. However, they do provide the code for a link to subscribe, which does work (I added the link to my blogroll here http://hlthenvt.edublogs.org/)

    Be sure to ok EITHER the atom or the RSS feed sublink (2nd or 3rd below) or all people will get is the dashboard entries–
    *RSS or Atom Feed: http://nnnnn.edublogs.org/feed/
    *RSS or Atom Feed: http://nnnnn.edublogs.org/feed/rss/
    *RSS or Atom Feed: http://nnnnn.edublogs.org/feed/atom/
    *Submitted URL (not recommended): http://nnnnn.edublogs.org/

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