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If you’re in an observant mood you may have noticed the new Stats tab in your admin menu (just after Comments). And, if you’re an Edublogs Supporter, then you might even have noticed that it’s collecting information about the number of visitors to your blog, where they are coming from, the most popular content and […]

We’ve got a tangy new feature for you to kick off 2009 – Audio and Video comments powered by Riffly! If you’re an Edublogs Supporter, just head on over to your Plugins tab to activate the plugin and enjoy the results. And while you’re there, you might also note that Supporters have access to a […]

A few weeks ago, Edublogs passed a pretty big milestone, the 250,000 blog mark. We were and are absolutely delighted that so many teachers and students have been able to use the service for so many different reasons and we want to continue improving, expanding and developing the site so that we can see in […]

Welcome to the latest addition to the Edublogs family… The University of Blogs! Can you study for a BA in blogging? Get a job lecturing on comments? Or hang out in the union bar overlooking the tag cloud? No, of course you can’t :) Because it’s actually just a demo Edublogs Campus site… one that […]

Well, it’s been some time in coming, but we’re absolutely delighted to let you know that you can now map your own domain to your Edublogs blog… and it’s simple as pie! All you have to do is to visit Upgrades > Domains and follow the information there: You can choose to do two things […]

We’ve had a pretty busy weekend at the Edublogs ranch upgrading Edublogs to the new all singing, all dancing version of WordPress MultiUser and – while there are still a few tweaks in process – we’re more than delighted to confirm a complete upgrade and introduce you to our new admin look and some rather […]

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