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Well, odds are you’ve noticed that Edublogs has just undergone a pretty radical upgrade – and that your admin area is looking a heap of a lot different!

In particular you’ll notice that the admin menu now goes down the side – rather than the top, and that everything has gone all drag ‘n drop pretty, but that’s not the all of it.

There’s also vastly improved uploading / media management, far better management tools for posts, pages, links, tags, categories and almost everything that can be managed!

And there are some plain excellent new features, like QuickPress – now featuring in your dashboard:

If you and your students need some assistance we’ve also been working like dogs to get the new Help & Support section up to date… it’s pretty much there but we’ll be adding new stuff to it as we go into the 2009 – 2010 academic year.

In particular you might like to share around our guide for Getting Started with Edublogs – it also comes with handy downloadable pdfs!

If you;re looking for someone to thank for them (or to complain about to if you hate them ;) the you’ll want to catch up with Sue Waters aka The Edublogger.

But that’s not all there is!

This year we’re going to be adding amazing new features, themes and plugins to Edublogs.org blogs and Edublogs Campus so now is the time to let us know of any extra features that you’d like to see.

As well as any bugs you might encounter with the new upgrade… but we’re hoping there are very few of them :)

Here’s to a great Edubloggin’ 2009 – 2010!

About James

James Farmer lives in Melbourne, Australia and spends most of his days chained to a computer while being harassed by tiny pixies insisting that he try to improve edublogs.


  1. @mrmac09 You should be finding it easier now to add new users. Have you tried Users > Add New? On Users > Add New you can add new users without having to first create their username on the signup page.

    @Jenny Little Can you give me some links to posts that are having trouble with image alignment so I can check them?

    @R Myddleton With this version after you have upload the file, whether it be PDF, video or audio file, you need to click on File URL before clicking Insert into Post. Refer to this post for further information.

    @jmdowney Can you tell me have you test the post area today? We believe this problem was fixed about 12 hours ago. If still a problem can you tell me what web browser you are using and which pages inside your blog dashboard have problems.

  2. I’m sure any changes you’ve made were well thought out and I’ll like them when I get used to them.

    However, I am having a problem with my ability to write posts. Because of a sidebar on the right and the left of the screen, the wordpress area is all squished together. I can’t see the whole box in which I’m writing text, and the buttons on top are overlapping and funky. Perhaps it’s a problem with my brower (similar to what commenter mwh1 was describing above).

    I’m using Internet Explorer version 7.0.5730.11. Screen resolution is 800 by 600 pixels. 16″ monitor.

    • csatta
    • /
    • /
  3. Thanks so much, James!

    • tmsepta
    • /
    • /
  4. Thanks for fixing the problem with editing posts in IE!

    Another thing you might want to look at: Autosave (great idea) takes you to a page in HTML, which won’t be practical for most Edubloggers. IE7, XP.


    • lofrances
    • /
    • /
  5. You guys did not test this sufficiently. I’m using Firefox on Fedora 10. I can’t do basic updating. Come on edublogs….this really is not an acceptable upgrade policy. As a provider of education blogs, you really need to support linux systems as many educational organizations choose to use free software. I’m disappointed.

  6. I have uploaded a blog avatar and it shows up as being my blog avatar when I log in to the home page. However on the actual blog I added the blog avatar widget and nothing shows up but a black square.

    • tallgebra
    • /
    • /
  7. I had a google iframe in one of my blog pages. While editing, I switched between visual and html edit mode and the editor erased the iframe. Please fix this.

  8. @csatta try hitting screen options and switching to 1 comuln

    @lofrances can you be more precise – are you talking about when you hit ‘Preview’

    @Matt Gross there’s no reason this shouldn’t work on Linux distros (it’s web based software, the OS should make no difference) – if you have bugs and issues please can you provide specific information / links etc. otherwise we can’t reproduce the problems or help you.

    Also, please paste the iframe back into the html page.

    @tallgebra looks like you’ve got that fixed now?

  9. Found the same with my classes Pam, when using IE7 – wide dashboard, need to scroll and if they are impatient with slow loading computers, hit wrong link and end up on supporter page.

  10. Ever since the upgrade was installed i have been denied access to my site instead a blank blogs site comes up up intitlted “H” saying that the site is a 404 site the same thing happens to my friends blog which was made at the same time. Please help will this be fixed?

    • sal
    • /
    • /
  11. Sal, you have a learnerblog which is no longer supported and has been offline for the last month. you need to have an edublogs.org blog now.

  12. I think that getting onto other stuff is confusing like other user visit, dashboards site things.
    but there is also the usefullness in this, like the main profile page you can edit very easily, with more controls etc.

    Overall i think that this is a good update of the site, even though it has the downs :)

    • gina522
    • /
    • /
  13. Okay, I tried to read through the above so as not to duplicate, but I might’ve missed something. Anywho, when I attempt to logout from the dashboard, I get the screen that says I’ve logged out, but I haven’t really logged out. If I try to log back in (with a different username and password) on that screen, I end up on the dashboard of my previous login. If I then go directly to edublogs.org, I see that it has me logged in still from my previous login. If I logout from the edublogs.org main page, however, it does finally log me out. I don’t know if others have noticed this issue, but I even closed and reopened the browser (firefox’s latest) and discovered I was still logged in. Thanks.

    • haffpint
    • /
    • /
    • Thanks. We are currently working on this. For now can you try clearing the cookies in your web browser?

  14. Fiona says…. I used to create blogs for my primary school class without them having an email address, so that we could use one password to log in. This was such a convenient feature. Is this feature no longer available?

    • fionabeal
    • /
    • /
    • @Fiona – do you mean on comments or for creating usernames? You can still change it so that comments don’t require email addresses but usernames have always required email. Educators who don’t want to use email for usernames use the gmail + method to create the student accounts.

  15. Hi Sue… I am having the same troubles as halfpint… I have two edublogs accounts and I only seem to be able to access one… if I enter the passwords log into my other blogs it keeps returning me to the initial blog I was already logged into… I shall clear the cookies as you suggest and be patient whilst you sort it out :-)

    • sdca
    • /
    • /
    • @sdca Have you tried logging out of that blog from within the blog dashboard? And then logging in with the other. Personally I recommend that you attach one username to the other blog so that you can access both blogs using the same username – that way you don’t have to log out of an account to access the other blog.

  16. Yes Sue, all I get is the message “You are attempting to log out of Careers@Numurkah…. Please try again”… I have tried a number of combinations to try and log out (including shutting down my computer), but nothing seems to help… haven’t got around to the cookies yet, that is a bit out of my league… I shall have to get the techie for that!
    I have two blogs attached with ‘SDCA’ and 2 blogs attached with ‘nathaliareunion’ (the two I can’t get to!)… I have never been sure how to attach the one username to combine them all…. managed to attach one to SDCA but not the others! If I can get into them I will try and figure it out…

    • sdca
    • /
    • /
    • @scdca if you can tell me which blogs you want added to which username I can organise that for you. I will need their blog URLs.

  17. oops… you of course realise that there is no ‘@’ in those addresses… sorry!

    • sdca
    • /
    • /
  18. Thanks for your answer Sue. Could you explain the gmail+ address system please? Many thanks – Fiona

  19. sdca is very happy…. thankyou Sue!!

    • Fay
    • /
    • /
    • @Fay Glad to hear that has made sdca happy :)

  20. Hi Sue, SDCA again… now I don’t seem to be able to access the SDCA site???? This is all very confusing!! :-(

    • Fay Scadden
    • /
    • /
    • Hi Fay, you will need to give me a bit more details about not being able to access the SDCA site. For example, are you unable to log in, unable to find it in your dashboard or isn’t it loading in your web browser?

  21. Hi Sue, to put it bluntly I’m stuffed if I know…!!! :-) At WORK on Friday I was in the dashboard of car33rsnumurkah (which according the top right hand corner of the screen was ‘sdca’), I could see all my blogs, I could get to the dashboard of all except sdca…. it kept asking me for a password… and I’d type in the SDCA password, but I kept being redirected to the car33rsnumurkah dashboard…. (I’m pretty sure it was the careersnumurkah dashboard…. I have been hunting around for about an hour today on my blogs trying to figure it out.. so I’m now not 100% sure on that??) hmmmm….

    At HOME however…. I was able to open the sdca dashboard straight away (heaven help me!)… but when I check my blogs from this dashboard I can only open the dashboard of nathaliareunion09 but not numurkahpaststudentclub or car33rsnumurkah.

    I had to log on with my old nathaliareunion password to get into numurkahpaststudentclub!!

    I have been trying to figure it out… but I am lost :-( … I note that the sdca dashboard users is missing the nathaliareunion as a user… has this got something to do with it??? And should I have the same email address for the two?

    Sorry to be such a pest :-Z

    • car33rsboo0003
    • /
    • /
    • @car33rsboo0003 Username sdca is attached to the following blogs sdca, car33rsnumurkah, nathaliareunion09 and numurkahpaststudentclub. Currently there is only one user attached to the blog sdca and that is sdca. I would check which username you are logging in as it looks like you have several since currently you are logged in as @car33rsboo0003

  22. you’ll be tearing your hair out with me by now ……. I have a heap of unused student blogs attached to car33rsnumurkah (which I logged in under the nathalireunion log-in) and I was trying to delete them as they have never been used… now I’m logged in as car33rsboo0003 (a student blog I had set up) and I can’t get out of it at all… and I can’t get into any of my other blogs… it keeps telling me it is trying to log out….. I shall shut down my computer and try again in the morning…. :-(

    • car33rsboo0003
    • /
    • /
    • @car33rsboo0003 while you are inside that blog dashboard – try clicking on the log out. If that doesn’t work go to the Edublogs homepage (http://edublogs.org/) and click on the log out link. Once you have done that clear the private data in your web browser.

  23. yay…. your last little trick worked…… on both computers…. (work and home!)…. thanks for all your help Sue – you have the patience of a saint!…. :-)

    • sdca
    • /
    • /
  24. Hey….i like the new edublogs for the teacher and students. It’s something very new to me. i can tell i’m going to enjoy posting blogs and things like that.

    • marqueehales
    • /
    • /
  25. Looks good but I’d love to see new tutorial videos that reflect the changes that were made. I need to conduct blog training for over 100 Clark County School District librarians and a current video would have been great. By the way, I’m hosting this training on September 15th. Thanks!

    • @Mrs Baca & mgmcd The video are coming however the goal is first to complete all the information on the Getting started with Edublogs page. You can download many of the information on this page, as PDF version, for the training.

  26. I am with you! I just joined and I’m unsure of how to navigate through here. How do I see the different topics within the site.

    • mgmcd
    • /
    • /
  27. Aloha,
    I signed up as an Edu-supporter, paid through Pay Pal, but have not been upgraded yet. I saw that others have had this problem as well. Please let me know the best action to take to get this resolved. I am in the “hurry up and wait” mode and am looking forward to getting started.
    Mahalo for any responses.

    • horisonsacademymaui
    • /
    • /
    • @horisonsacademymaui Can you give us your blog URL and username so we can check.

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