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Picture of Edublogs User

“I have been using Edublogs for three years. I have used it for class blogs, student blogs, personal blogs and business blogs. I love the versatility and ease of use.

The support is excellent and as the chair for my English department I created a blog that features all out department materials, syllabi, links to resources and much more. Even as I write this I am thinking of many more ideas.

Thank you Edublogs!”

– Helen Harvey – Booker High School

Picture of Edublogs User

“So lately I’ve been trying to get the students to engage in meaningful discussions in class, giving them sentence starters, modelling, etc.

Then today I decided to take a different tack. I gave them the laptops, posted a topic, and added almost no instruction. I just posted pictures of the four novels we’ve read this year and basically said, “Discuss.”

The result was this amazing, organic discussion that ranged from debates over whether or not a sequel exists to one book, to speculation about posthumous publications from J.D. Salinger. All with no prompting by me. A testament to the worlds of curiosity that live inside the students and might otherwise stay hidden if not for the opportunity and FREEDOM to express themselves as independent voices with equal representation.”

– Robert C. Barker – 7th Grade English/History/Web 2.0 Instructor, John Liechty Middle School

Picture of Edublogs User

“This is my second year using Edublogs as my English class website, and I feel that it’s importance as a learning tool for my scholars grows in leaps and bounds each month.

Each of them now has their own blog so that they may publish work and receive valuable feedback from peers and others that belong to the blog community.

Edublogs allows for my scholars to be more careful and deliberate when writing essays and smaller assignments.

They tend to take better care of their work because they are more considerate of an unknown audience and it’s not the same old routine between themselves and a single reader, the teacher. ”

– Paul Turtola – Joseph A. Foran HS

Picture of Edublogs User

“Frankly, after several false starts with other online sponsors, I was so pleased to discover Edublogs from a colleague.

It was quick and easy to set up, and now I am able stay in contact with other people around the globe interested in developing effective literacy programs for children living in high poverty circumstances.

Count me in as a supporter of Edublogs!”

– Robert B. Cooter, Jr., Ed.D. – Professor & Ursuline Endowed Chair of Teacher Education, Bellarmine University

Picture of Edublogs User

“Edublogs has had an impact on my students as it makes writing and speaking more interesting and fun.

This is just the beginning!”

– Javier Rodriguez Garcia – MFL Teacher

Picture of Edublogs User

“EDUBLOGS es un lugar privilegiado donde encontrarme con otros colegas interesados en mejorar el aprendizaje de nuestros estudiantes a través del uso de Blogs.

brinda la oportunidad de conocer y aprender de experiencias innovadoras que llevaron a cabo otros colegas. Especialmente, he aprendido cómo utilizar los blogs como herramientas de aprendizaje colaborativo.

[Edublogs is a privileged place to meet other colleagues interested in improving our students’ learning through the use of Blogs.

provides an opportunity to meet and learn from innovative experiences carried out by other colleagues. Especially, I have learned how to use blogs as collaborative learning tools.]”

– Prof. Alejandro A.Gimelli – Principal, Colegio Francesco Faa Di Bruno, Nicaragua

Picture of Edublogs User

“Edublogs has been an amazing tool for my students and I.

Edublogs is so user friendly that we had the blogs for teachers up in no time.

You have created a method to keep our students on top of literacy. Students have to read and write on the blogs properly.

I am the webmaster for my school and it is a million times simpler to update a blog than to update a website. With the website I am stuck at school updating because I have to be linked to the network but with Edublogs I can update anywhere!

Thank you for all that you do and keep those tips coming they are amazing!”

– Jennifer Parrigin – Nash Central Middle School

Picture of Edublogs User

“Edublogs is reliable!

I have 30 class blogs as a Supporter and equal control with my students as to how the blogs are managed.”

– Donal O’ Mahony – Portmarnock Community School, Dublin, Ireland

Picture of Edublogs User

“I am a public schools Elementary Strings teacher in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts, USA. I teach 170 students ages 8-10 to play the violin, viola and cello. My students’ parents often email me with questions about their child’s instrument or accessories or opportunities at school or practice strategies or motivating their young musician.

I have been using Edublogs as an FAQ platform, which allows me to write one thorough response to a common question and respond to future inquiries with a simple link to an entry in my blog.

This allows me to immediately turn my attention back to teaching children instead of writing email.

Thank you!!”

– Jessica Corwin – Boston, Massachusetts

Picture of Edublogs User

“As a school we started using blogs this year and we really like the idea.

I started 3 class blogs and I assign projects, publish their work. It’s a great opportunity for them to have readers.

They are more motivated now. Via our class blogs, we met other schools and we started projects together and this is a support we get from Edublogs.”

– Eva Büyüksimkeşyan – Turkey

Picture of Edublogs User

“I use edublogs to extend my classroom beyond the actual school.

I’m pretty new at it, but have to say how impressed I am with the ease of use of the site for me.

I am excited about how well the students are connecting on the blog and the fact that I am actually building relationships with students I may not have before. ”

– Dana Mimick – 6th Grade Science, Norfolk Middle School

Picture of Edublogs User

“I find edublogs really useful for uploading information about outings/excursions, camps, etc.”

– Christo Spies – Grade 5 teacher at CBC St Johns in Cape Town, South Africa

Picture of Edublogs User

“I’ve used the Edublogs platform to create a blog on Special Needs, as a repository of other blogs on Special Needs (namely portuguese ones), either from teachers or institutions.

I think that it is a friendly tool and meets all my requirements.”

– Ida Brandão – Ministry of Education, Portugal

Picture of Edublogs User

“Edublogs has allowed me to better communicate with parents and guardians than the traditional letter or phone call that I was relying on last year.

I can upload information directly and receive feedback from parents and students asap even if I am unreachable in class.

There is no longer an excuse for students to fall behind as I keep my blog updated and it is accessible to all. They can stay up-to-date with work or download the tasks from the document section of my blog.”

– Hakea Pinjarra – SHS

Picture of Edublogs User

“This is the first time I have used a blog, and Edublogs has made it easy to monitor student and outside responses and make sure the content is appropriate.

I really appreciate this feature since I use the blog for the online component of my school book club. Once I set it up, it is easy to add content and users.”

– Sherry Chapman – Daniel J. Savage Middle School

Picture of Edublogs User

“I have continued to find Edublogs an excellent resource to use.

I have a few different blogs that I use for a variety of different tasks.

1. Year 7 Blog for English. They loved this activity and each group uses it for a term
2. Year 10 English. They really enjoyed the opportunity of the global audience and learning from each other
3. I have set up my own personal journal although I haven’t done much yet
4. I just set one up for my Year 7 History class. I am posting all their tasks, pictures etc on the blog as a ‘one stop shop’ for their work.

The support provided is excellent even for a non campus member!

I love Edublogs :)”

– Glenys Lowden – Head of Library, Lowther Hall

Picture of Edublogs User

“When budget “restructuring” cut out our school’s wonderful online gradebook system, I needed to find a way to communicate with parents and students.

I initially began my blog as a simple means of communicating, but have found it to be so much more useful.

I can post rubrics, assignments, announcements, and random fun stuff.

I have student volunteers post nightly homework on a special page, which the kids say is really useful.

The help forums are great- I was able to easily create my blog and get the basics up and running pretty quickly”

– Katie Messmer – Snowden School, Memphis, TN

Picture of Edublogs User

“What a great blog support system you have!

I started using Edublogs when I began work on my Master’s degree. I was very timid about using and constructing blog sites, but your site is so user-friendly, I had my blog up and running in no time.

I am spoiled by your blogs when I have to visit other sites by colleagues! And it is so easy to add pages, you have definitely made this new user much more confident in blog sites.”

– JoAnne Pelton – 7th grade Science, Dacula Middle School, Georgia

Picture of Edublogs User

“I love edublogs for the sake of having a place to post assignments (and anything that gets handed out in class can be uploaded as a pdf), announcements, videos (uploaded YouTube videos that my district uniformly blocks work when embedded in my blog), links, photos, audio files (this is where I appreciate the megatons of upload space), etc.

Having a separate tab for each of my classes is great. Also, my students enjoy having their own blogs linked to my class site blog so that they can read each others’ literature journaling.

The level of creative control is amazing: customized headers, photo inlays, attractive themes, user avatars, etc. I love it all! Also, I have found the forums helpful in solving temporary problems.

My occasional question, “How do I do that?” is always answered.”

– Chris Blendheim – Sebastian River High School

Picture of Edublogs User

“I have recently begun using Edublogs and have found it to be a great tool for both myself and the students in my classroom.

My Math students were tired of the same old projects, activities, games and computer tools. Using Edublogs in the Math classroom has given my students a safe “online” tool and environment to complete assignment, share ideas/thoughts, brainstorm for projects, peer edit and reflect on their learning. All the while, the 5 separate classes of math have become one large classroom community because of Edublogs.

As a teacher who wants to inspire my students, I also want to find ways that are easy for me to learn. Edublogs is just that. The platform has been simple for me to learn about and put into action. When I did run into a question or concern, the supportive blog had everything I needed.

Lastly, because the blog I created was being used by students I wanted to make sure they would be safe in an online environment. Edublogs provided this for me.

Edublogs provided me with an inspiring, motivating, easy to use and safe learning environment.”

– Katrina Hall – Hollis Brookline Middle School

Picture of Edublogs User

“I like the way I can moderate comments.”

– Jeanie Axton – St Martins Lutheran College

Picture of Edublogs User

“I post my classwork online each day and make a hard copy to keep in my classroom

Students are trained to check my blog or the hard copy in class instead of asking me “What did we do while I was gone?”, or “Did I miss anything?”

I have really appreciated having it as a tool.”

– Steve Drazsnzak

Picture of Edublogs User

“I love that the new ‘My Blogs’ feature allows me to keep updated on the number of ‘audiences’ I’ve tried to create.”

– Tim Haag – Curriculum and Technology Resource Teacher, Greater Albany Public Schools

Picture of Edublogs User

“As a Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) instructor and ESL program coordinator, I’ve been relying more and more on Edublogs as tools to motivate my students to use English.

I’ve been using Edublogs to assign what I call ‘web tasks’ to my classes.

I like being able to design and post the assignments any way I want to, publish or unpublish them at the click of the mouse, and collect all of my lessons in one convenient place.

Blogs are a great way to teach ESL students, since they naturally incorporate a wide variety of media, including images, videos and flash animations, all of which support the visual scaffolding that second-language learners really need.

Thanks to the Edublogs team for the prompt replies in the forums! Bravo Edublogs! Thanks for making my CALL classes easy and fun!”

– Jared Westin – Shin Min Junior High School, Taichung, Taiwan

Picture of Edublogs User

“I use EduBlogs to allow schools participating in the TroutKids of Maine program to communicate with each other about raising Brook trout in the classroom.

I have also posted the data collection sheet on each blog so kids can enter daily data online.

We’ve only been up for a month or so, but I am thrilled with the kids’ entries. ”

-Lynne Richard – Environmental Education Coordinator, Portland Water District

Picture of Edublogs User

“This is the first year I have introduced creating blogs to these students at Daylight/Twilight, and the students are embracing blogs with great enthusiasm.

As this is my first time creating blogs for my class and with my students, I have found Edublogs to be extremely user friendly, fun and exciting to use.

The great amount of practical support that is provided on the Edublogs website is awesome, as well as the incredible network of support available through Edublogs through teachers who share their ideas and successes with their students and blogging. Because of this, my blog is not only a support to my students, but is also becoming a resource to other teachers in my school and district as well.

Edublogs is an amazing tool for me in the classroom. I can post important links to essential websites we use with students, post assignments, videos, music, exciting images and importantly, links to the students websites where students enhance use posts and commenting to enhance their writing skills and build community.

With nothing more than the tutorials provided by Edublogs and great discussion forums and examples from other teacher bloggers, I have been able to put together this excellent classroom blog resource for my classes, which students truly enjoy and benefit from.

Thank you for everything!”

-Jaime Maniatis – Technology Literacy Instructor, Daylight/Twilight High School, Trenton, New Jersey

Picture of Edublogs User

“Edublogs is so easy to use. It has added a whole new facet to my instruction.

My student love it and even past students are visiting to see what’s up in our class.

We have had so many snow days lately it has been great to keep in contact and keep them learning even when we are out of school.”

– Blenna Patterson – McHarg Elementary, Radford, VA

Picture of Edublogs User

“I’ve only worked with Edublogs for two months now, but the results have been amazing.

I started a blog to reverse the organization of my Algebra class. Originally I taught new material in class and then assigned homework, but now I have students watch instruction off my blog at home and we work on problems in class.

The students love the change and their grades have shot up as a result.

We now have the entire 45 minutes of class to work on mastering concepts instead of a fifteen minute remnant of time after a lecture.

Parents are excited to have the ability to learn side-by-side with their child and are finally able to help them with their studies at home.

Administration has noticed the effectiveness of the blog and has linked it to the county webpage for all to see. Their planning to expand its uses to include multiple grade levels when we adopt our new textbooks this year.

The process has been simple thanks to the wonderful support Edublogs provides. Any questions I have are quickly answered thanks to the forums and customer support staff.

The blogging structure at Edublogs is easy to understand and to navigate and the themes are very professional and eye-catching.

I’ve received a slew of compliments for a minimal amount of work. I’m very excited to be a part of the Edublogs family. Keep up the great work!”

Jeffery Baugus

Picture of Edublogs User

“Edublogs are easy to manage, I have multiple blogs running for my school, and it was easy to copy the theme and setups across all the blogs.

The choice of user levels means I can have students as contributors and some as editors.

The Edublogs supporters option means I can increase my storage space at a very reasonable price, since I use a lot of visuals.

I especially like the privacy, no public searching access for my school blogs gives the students a safer online environment.


– Monica Morscheck – Head Librarian and Academic Resource Manager, British International School, Phuket

Picture of Edublogs User

“I just wanted to let you (the folks at Edublogs) know that I really appreciate the service you offer.

Last semester was actually the first time I ever maintained a class blog, and it definitely will not be the last.

The blog added a whole new dimension to my class in attempt to manage things online.

I used the blog primarily for posting announcements and homework, and also often had students leave comments on it as well (in response to assignments). My students were grateful to have a centralized place where they could find everything they needed for the class, as well as a forum for where they could showcase their English language skills.

I also received praise from upper management and fellow co-workers for my efforts.

Thank you for helping to invigorate my teaching methodology.”

– Mohammed Nour – King Saud University, Preparatory Year – Intensive English Program, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Picture of Edublogs User

“The reason I use Edublogs is very simple. I use it for my web page development class to update my teacher on the tasks I am getting done on.

I also use it as a fun, easy tool to inform people of what I am working on. I personally love to use it especially for school.”

– Garrett Elder – Student, Hudson High School

Picture of Edublogs User

“I use Edublogs for my government and history class at school and it’s easy and fun.

It also has many different apps so that our pages look nice when the teacher checks our work. ”

-Ariel Bauer – Student, Crowley County High School

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