Two new plugins – Contact Form & Adsense Deluxe

I’ve just popped in two new plugins for a trial, namely the WordPress Contact Form and the Google Adsense Deluxe.

The contact form is pretty nifty, all you have to do is to click on the icon in the text editing bar (it’s stuck on the bottom for some reason in the WSYWIG… will try to fix, works better with the alternative editor) and you’ll get a fully working contact form which’ll email you (once you’ve configured it).

The Adsense one is an interesting plugin as splogs or non-educational blogs created purely for profit get suspended pretty quickly round here! However, I have nothing against people using adsense and that’s a legitimate part of blogging if you ask me. This makes it nice and optional and I think I can also work something into it which will take a 5% cut for edublogs to cover hosting costs etc. (well, to cover the price of a Mars bar a month more like it but it’s the principle ;)

Anyway, as I said these are up for trial… I’ve tested them a fair bit but not with a big ol’ bunch of users… so let me know how they go.

Two fully working plugins – and a call for more

Yes, definitely a good week. I’ve installed for your pleasure two new plugins which you can now turn on or off at your leisure. These are the ‘static front page‘ plugin (which allows you to create a page called ‘Home’ and for that to become the front page with blog posts appearing as a category… very useful for some projects) and a fully working Google Analytics plugin (the last one wasn’t doing the job).

So just go to your ‘Plugins’ menu and turn em on if you fancy.

And now a ‘call for plugins’… could you use the comments below to tell me what plugins you’d like to see installed at

Unfortunately there are quite a few which don’t / won’t work using this architecture but with any luck there may well be some that do. Please provide a link to the plugin as well as the name :)

All latest posts

Well, that went so well that I’ve added a cute feature to homepage to celebrate (when you’re on a roll why not keep on going huh!)
Now you can visit Latest Posts at the top to get excerpts of all the latest posts in the community, it refreshes about every 15 mins or so.

Oh, and did I mention that you can also now log in from the front page.

And if you really really fancy it you can just subscribe to every post through this feed!


Well, it’s been a long time in coming but now it’s here with any luck we won’t have to roll it back… a major backend upgrade for

This should fix a number of things including password protected posts, some commenting problems, category issues, uploading and dragging of files using browsers other than Mozilla and so on (although Safari still has troubles with the text editor… apparently that’s safari’s fault though).

So, how can you help… Well, leave a comment telling me how it’s worked for you, any bugs you’ve encountered and general feedback.

Coming soon: ‘Call for Plugins’, edublogs logo design competition and more (and better) customisable themes.

Update: Looks like it’s taking a little longer to auto-update than I expected… if you get a ‘need to update’ your database option just click through and you’ll be fine… if the posting area looks a little funny that’ll fix itself with a refresh or two. Thanks for yer patience :)

Themes News

fauna themeTwo big bits of theme news today. The demise of the grey bar & editable themes!

First up I’m sorry, really really sorry, I was having a look at those little grey bars at the top of the themes today and they’re *so* bad. Utterly amateur. I do want us to have something on each blog that indicates that it’s an edublog (and advertises the service a bit) but that’s just naff. So as of today they’re history [well, as of me getting to a decent connection…]

Secondly I’d like to welcome the outstanding Fauna theme to edublogs. This is a biggie not just because it’s gorgeous but also because when you select it you’ll see pop up “Current Theme Options” which allows you to edit the ‘about’ section, select different headers and generally edit the theme to your liking.

As we develop I’m hoping to add more and more of these themes so that in the end there’ll be as wide a selection of themes as we currently have now… just with added flexibility!

Update: Upgraded to Beta 3 Thanx Ady :)

Images back!

I *think* that images are now uploading & dragging and dropping just fine, let me know how it works for you.

Need to find some more MB now too…. hmmmmmm! 

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