Let the domains begin!

Well, it’s been some time in coming, but we’re absolutely delighted to let you know that you can now map your own domain to your Edublogs blog… and it’s simple as pie!

All you have to do is to visit Upgrades > Domains and follow the information there:

You can choose to do two things – first up you can choose to buy a domain through us and we’ll configure it automatically for you.

Secondly you can choose to map an existing domain to your current blog – so, for example, if you own jamesblog.com – you can point it at your current blog by just changing the nameservers to ns7.edublogs.org and ns8.edublogs.org (you’ll get more information on that as you go through the process too).

And what’s more, you can even map subdomains! So, let’s say you work at Deakin University, you can get your tech people to set the A record on james.deakin.edu.au to – and you’ll be away!

All you need to get started is to buy some credits via the Upgrades > Credits (it’s 25 a year for a domain and mapping or 15 for your own domain) and show off your shiny new blog domain (remember to add it to your email sig!)

The only think worth noting at the moment is that it will take 24 hours for the mapping to get put in place, so do it at a weekend if you want minimum disruption to service :)

Welcome to Edublogs 3.0

We’ve had a pretty busy weekend at the Edublogs ranch upgrading Edublogs to the new all singing, all dancing version of WordPress MultiUser and – while there are still a few tweaks in process – we’re more than delighted to confirm a complete upgrade and introduce you to our new admin look and some rather great new features!

New Colours! New Design!

Yep, the admin area has been redesigned from the ground up to make it easier to use, more pleasing to the eye and generally just better. You can even change the colors (just click on your username in teh top Right or on Users > Your Profile).

Finally a customizable dashboard

Simply rearrange your dashboard (what you see when our first log in) by clicking on the ‘Dashboard Widgets’ sub menu… you can add RSS feeds, blogs linking to your and we’ll be adding more as we go.

Oh my what a beautiful uploader

The new uploader is a thing of beauty, now you can simply upload multiple files, and create beautoful and simple galleries on the fly, check out this video for more:

Upgraded avatars

Scroll down to the bottom of Settings > Discussion and you’ll see a whole host of new avatar options for your comments. You can set users without avatar to look like mystery people, beautiful fractals or even monsters :) And what’s more, you now have the option to turn avatars off!

And that’s by no means all, but it’s all we’re going to put in this post for the moment.

For further explanation and exploration check out Sue Waters quick tour at The Edublogger and our brand new Video Tutorials.

So please, take time out to surf around your admin area for a bit and enjoy the new features and let us know what you think below.

And FYI, we’ll be upgrading Edublogs Campus sites during the summer break to cause as little disturbance as possible.

As ever, please post any support questions / unrelated stuff in the forums as it’ll just get deleted as a comment.

Problems logging in

We had a little stuff up with some user IDs overnight (blame me!) so some people might be having a little trouble logging in… if you do please try the following:

1. Use the ‘forgot your password?’ function at /wp-login.php and see if that works
2. If it doesn’t please contact me with your site address and username and I’ll fix it manually

-if you’re dealing with multiple users please email me all their details and I’ll fix that too-

Update: *with the weekend – and next round of home renovations – approaching I may not be able to get back to you that quickly on these… will try to check in each day to fix up stuff though* 

Provide some details for your blog
No stress, you can always change this later on.

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