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Getting students involved in blogging can have a real impact on learning and teaching in the classroom. The best way to experiment with student blogging is to just jump in head first, but the following should help provide a framework for getting started.

What’s On This Page?

Blog Preview Huzzah! Class Blog
Canada – Grades 5 & 6
Latest Posts: [RSSjb feed=”http://huzzah.edublogs.org/feed” num=”3″ target=”_blank” pubauthor=”false” pubdate=”true” list=”ol”]
Blog Preview Blog Some More
United States – High School
Latest Posts: [RSSjb feed=”http://msvrburton.edublogs.org/feed” num=”3″ target=”_blank” pubauthor=”false” pubdate=”true” list=”ol”]

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Setting Up a Class Blog

Here are 9 steps to setting up your class blog. These are requirements in order to prepare for the twice-yearly Blogging Challenge.

  1. Set up your class blog
  2. Set Up Your Blogging Rules and Guidelines
  3. Teaching Commenting Skills and Etiquette – Guest post byKathleen McGeady
  4. Help Parents Connect With Your Class Blog
  5. Add Students To Your Class Blog So They Can Write Posts
  6. Add A Visitor Tracking Widget To Your Blog Sidebar
  7. Setting Up Student blogs
  8. Add your student blogs to your blogroll
  9. Add Your Student Blogs To A Folder In Google Reader

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The Edublogs Getting Started Guide

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