Frequently Asked Questions

***I’d love to be able to edit a themes / add something to the sidebar / tweak this template…

You can do… some templates allow you to extensively customise them thought the ‘template options’ or ‘current theme options’ section in ‘Presentation’

For example, try out the ‘Fauna’ template.You can also manipulate the ‘Links’ section of your blog to achieve a pretty impressive look ‘n feel, checkout the tutorials on the front page for how to do this.

***How do I add users to my blog?

If you want a collaborative blog or to just add users all you have to do is to ask them to create their own blog here and then use the ‘Add user from community’ option in Users: Authors & Users (the bonus is that they get their own blog too!)

***How do I delete my blog?

Try to think of this as a bit like hotmail, you’re welcome to delete all your content and you can decide never to use your blog again but unless you’ve got a very good reason (i.e. you created it using your bank pin as an id) then we won’t specifically delete your blog (too much time / pain). Try not to worry about it…

***I want to blog from my phone / mobile device / using a third party tool… can I?

You certainly can by using xml-rpc which is fully integrated into You just need to know your username and password and point whatever you’re using to blog to:

***How do I set up this kind of thing for my school, organisation, community group etc.?

You can either run your own WPMU installation or get in touch with James Farmer (founder & owner of who also happens to do blog consultancy and implementations of this kind of system at very reasonable rates!

Problems logging in

We had a little stuff up with some user IDs overnight (blame me!) so some people might be having a little trouble logging in… if you do please try the following:

1. Use the ‘forgot your password?’ function at /wp-login.php and see if that works
2. If it doesn’t please contact me with your site address and username and I’ll fix it manually

-if you’re dealing with multiple users please email me all their details and I’ll fix that too-

Update: *with the weekend – and next round of home renovations – approaching I may not be able to get back to you that quickly on these… will try to check in each day to fix up stuff though* 

Formating post issues – getting the WSYWIG working…

If you’ve got an existing edublog then you might have problems with formatting posts… the link / bold / block-quote buttons don’t work etc

You can fix this by pointing to wp-admin/upgrade.php and clicking there. Sorry it’s not easier at the moment!

So just got to (make sure you’re logged in) and the WSYWIG should be installed!

Apologies for the stress…

Couple of known issues

There are a couple of known problems that are being worked on so please have patience:

  1. There’s an error at the to saying: WordPress database error: [Unknown column ‘user_id’ in ‘field list’]
  2. The WSYWIG text editor hasn’t quite kicked in yet… in fact the ‘link’ tags don’t work at the moment – you’ll need to hand code a href links in the meantime

Thanks for your understanding… part of being part of the pro-am revolution :)


So, how d’ya like the upgrade? Pretty nifty huh!

Again this is development work and again it’s gonna have a few hiccoughs so please have patience with it (and me!)

Have also added a ‘featured blog’ section (to get your blog up there just contact me) and am working on a ‘latest updated’ list too – as well as fixing the ‘most active’ bunch.

Editable themes will come along eventually… let me know what else you’d like on this site or as part of the blogs.

Provide some details for your blog
No stress, you can always change this later on.
Use only lowercase letters (a-z) and numbers.

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