Edublogs Weekly Review: Social networking in schools, Facebook in trouble and email a thing of the past

Welcome to the first of what we hope is a useful post with a weekly overview of news in the edublogging world.

This week, one of the most discussed topics around the web has to do with the use of social media by educators and students in schools.

Many schools seem to be moving to strict policies that outright ban or limit their use, while others are encouraging the use of Twitter, Facebook and other tools in classrooms.

Edubloggers too are divided on the issue, though the majority seem to be more in favor of increasing the use and teaching students (and teachers) how to use them appropriately.

Dodie Ainslie has some great advice for teachers in her post, Being Professional in a Digital World.

Other great posts just this week on the topic of social media include:

  1. Video Rebuttal to Educational Leaders and Parents On The Social Media Ban Wagon
  2. Facebook and teachers: Still a potentially dangerous combination for your career
  3. Bittersweet News for Social Media in Education
  4. Social Networking and the Death of Email

Top edutweets from the week:

A look at the work of Sal Khan- – very good online teaching. I’ve been viewing many of his lectures @ khanacademy.orgWed Aug 25 04:51:21 via web

New Blog Post: A PLN Connection…11 Years in the Making! @teachingwthsoul & I didn’t know just how connected we were!Fri Aug 27 13:26:02 via web

My Dad Doesn’t Google Aug 27 10:14:59 via bitly

Featured Edublog of the Week

edu_featured_dir Teacher Reboot Camp
A true must read blog!

Find more great blogs like this one in our International Edublogs Directory!

Summing it up

Where do you stand on the use of Social Media in the classroom?

  1. Does it depend on the age of students?
  2. The subject taught?
  3. Should teachers and students be ‘friends’ on facebook?

We would definitely be interested in hearing more about your views and the policies in place at your school.

Turn that hobby into a job – come and work with us in help and support!

We’re hoping the new school year is going well for all Edublogs users and we’re looking forward to providing you with some great blogging tools for the next year!

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Two fully working plugins – and a call for more

Yes, definitely a good week. I’ve installed for your pleasure two new plugins which you can now turn on or off at your leisure. These are the ‘static front page‘ plugin (which allows you to create a page called ‘Home’ and for that to become the front page with blog posts appearing as a category… very useful for some projects) and a fully working Google Analytics plugin (the last one wasn’t doing the job).

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Formating post issues – getting the WSYWIG working…

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