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Why Edublogs?

Share, collaborate, build, and learn.

Teacher Friendly

Use our easy invite codes and class management tools to get started. And most importantly, it’s free!


Our content filters, moderation options, and multiple privacy tools keep everyone safe.

Learning Centered

Leave private teacher feedback, easily embed videos and other work, and build community.


We’ve built our platform on top of WordPress, which also powers more than 1/3rd of the internet.

Plans & Pricing

Blogs, websites, portfolio networks, and more….

  • Forever!
  • 1GB Storage
  • Student Management
  • Ad-Free & Student Safe
  • All Themes & Plugins
  • $39 per year (USD)
  • 50GB Storage
    Allow Search Engines
  • Complete Visitor Statistics
  • Email Subscriptions
  • For Schools & Districts
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Single Sign On
    Custom Domains
  • Choose A Local Data Center


  Edublogs Or CampusPress?

Edublogs is meant for individual teachers, while CampusPress is designed for entire schools, districts, or universities. Both come with the same great easy blogging features and tools.

  Is FREE Really Free?

Absolutely! Use our free blogging tool for as long as you’d like. There are no ads, gotchas, or anything like that.

  What About Student Privacy?

You have control over who can access all content. See our privacy guide for more information.

  How Can I Manage Students?

Using our class management tools, you can group and monitor students, and leave private feedback on all student work.

  How’s This Different Than WordPress?

We’ve added a ton of features, themes, and plugins that are geared just for education. Plus, we have a large community of educators and students that you won’t find anywhere else.

  Do You Offer Bulk Discounts?

Yep! If you’d like to purchase 5 or more Pro licenses, look for the ‘bulk upgrades’ link in your dashboard for more information.

  Can I Add My Own Theme?

Our CampusPress networks can submit themes to be added. We do a complete and thorough code review to keep everything safe and reliable.

  Can I Import Or Export My Blog?

For sure, we make it easy to bring over your existing blog from most major services and you can also export your content to take with you at any time.

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Get tips and resources emailed to you weekly.

Plus a round-up of the best blog posts written by fellow educators.

Major news! Our new community site and blog directory is now live

Community areaWe’re excited, and we think you will be too!

If you click on the Community tab at the top of the Edublogs home page, you’re now taken to our new community area.

What’s in our new community?

Our new communiy area is designed as a place to collaborate, share blogs and resources including:

  1. Latest posts for our Edublogs News blog
  2. The Blogs Directory
  3. Our Curriculum Corner

The Blogs Directory

Already with hundreds of blogs of all types from all over the world.

What makes this directory unique is that you can easily see the latest three posts and a preview thumbnail of the blog.

Now you can easily check out how others are using their edublogs while connecting with other teacher and student bloggers…

And don’t forget to add your blog to the directory as well!

Exampe from the Blogs Directory

Our Curriculum Corner

This new section of the Edublogs website contains pages of useful tips and resources about using blogs with students in the classroom.

With that, we need you!

There is so much knowledge and experience out there and we welcome all ideas.

Leave a comment on this post, or complete the forms on each page of the curriculum corner, if you have anything you would like to share.

Please explore!

Have a look around and let us know what you think.

Our goal is to make this space a useful resource that will help teachers and instructors maximize the potential of using blogs in the classroom.

(This is a "Page")Features

Experiment with contemporary, customisable themes

pretty themesEdublogs offers over ninety themes showcasing the very best in design. They’re slick, fully accessible, entirely standards based and we’re adding to them all the time. What’s more, bloggers can customise every sidebar using the Widget system, insert their own headers into many themes (through our simple in built cropping system) and even select the look and feel for those with alternative CSS displays.

Simply embed videos, podcasts, images and a whole lot more

embed videos, audio and more

You wanted features? We’ve got features! All posts are automatically spell-checked, auto-saved (so you never lose that post you’ve been working on for hours) come with a complete feature rich editor (with optional plain text view), allow for simple uploading of images and other files, are podcast ready and have automatic YouTube, Google Video and more video insertion devices… and that’s just a selection. Phew!

Import from other blogging sites – or export back to them.

import or export with easeDo you already have blogging sites up at places like Blogger, TypePad or LiveJournal? It’s not in the least bit difficult for you to import whole swathes of blogging goodness straight into your Edublogs blogs. There are simple step-by-step instructions in and if you want to export back to them – we’ve got that covered too… not that you’d ever want to of course. Or, you can just use the export feature to back up your blog.

Great support and community

support videos coming out of our earsWe’re committed to providing not only technical support but also the kind of pedagogical support and conversation that turns great technology into great teaching and learning. In addition to our training videos, handouts and FAQs you’re invited to participate in the Edublogs Forums where you can share hints and tips, ask questions and get answers and connect with other Edublogs educators.

These are not just blogs you know…

wordpress.org logoEdublogs is built on WordPress technology and that means you get a lot more than just a blog. As well as being able to post, your users can also create static pages (great for eportfolios!) manage comments in incredible detail, set static front pages, password protect individual posts and create powerful muti-tiered and complex websites… without ever needing to know one iota of html.

It’s not (just) the technology, it’s the pedagogy too

person teachingBecause Edublogs is made by educators, for educators, we know about how you can effectively use blogs in teaching and learning. We’re here to provide resources, discussion and suggestions for how you can use Edublogs and we’re always adding to them and working on our methods. Thinking of eportfolios, collaborative classwork, online journaling, discussion or problem-based learning? So are we!

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