I’m very aware that there have been some serious performance / speed issues this week – partly due to school starting back and partly doe to some network / configuration issues.

I’m keen to get this sorted asap though and have made some changes which will hopefully improve the speed of the site.

Please let me know (in the comments below) how it’s working for you now (good and bad).

We’re looking for a Marketing Magician!

Update: Applications for this position are now closed.

Edublogs is planning on taking a step up in 2010 and beyond, and to help us do that we’re after a special someone to lead the way when it comes to telling the world who we are.

We’re looking for a person who can write great copy – be it for our main site, blog posts, email newsletters, sales emails, tweets and more.

And, equally importantly, we’re looking for that person to be full of enthusiasm, drive and ideas for how to promote Edublogs around the web and into school districts, colleges and classrooms.

And to carry out those ideas to fruition!

Experience / Qualifications

To fit this role you’ll have to be able to demonstrate:

  • Outstanding writing skills in pretty much every online medium
  • Previous (impressive) experience in driving sales and awareness

You’ll also be happy to take a look at our site,, and tell us:

  • One thing we’re missing (what do we need to add)
  • One thing we can get rid of (what’s superfluous or annoying)
  • One thing we can most improve (and, briefly, how)

You’ll also be happy to work from home, manage your time accordingly, be independent, able to take the lead and be seriously ambitious.


We’re happy to offer the right person an attractive package complete with flexible holidays, performance bonuses and the opportunity to lead up this area of Edublogs down the track.


Update: Applications for this position are now closed.

(This is a "Page")Who’s behind the scenes at Edublogs?

Edublogs has grown from a single idea in 2005 into the largest and most trusted provider of educational blogging in the world.

We believe in the power that blogging can have to transform the educational experience of students and have seen first hand how Edublogs have increased ownership of learning, engaged students, and become a source of pride in the classroom.

Based in Australia, but with employees located all over the globe, the Edublogs team consists of some of the best technological and educational minds in the biz. We are happy to talk with you about blogging, Edublogs Campus, or anything else you might like to send our way.

Get To Know the Edublogs Team

James FarmerJames Farmer is the Founder and CEO of Edublogs. He’s worked previously as a teacher, Lecturer in Education Design at Deakin University and Online Community Editor of The Age. He´s based in Melbourne, Australia and when not immersed in Edublogs-related-thought, he likes hanging with his girls, soccer and roaming around Melbourne.


Sue WatersSue Waters is the force behind The Edublogger (our official ‘how to’ blog) and also the seriously well-respected author of the Edublog Mobile Technology in TAFE. She’s Australian, based in Perth, married with two kids and while not blogging works both with fish and other lecturers doing PD around e-learning, m-learning and everything in between.


Ronnie BurtRonnie Burt works to constantly improve the educational experience of Edublogs. He looks after sales as well as our overall product and business development. Prior to joining the Edublogs team, he used Edublogs in the classroom as a teacher where he has taught at the secondary and undergraduate levels in the US and Mexico. Ronnie is a longhorn football obsessed native of the great state of Texas.


Lol BruschLorraine Brusch looks after the marketing, look and feel and all those ungeeky elements of Edublogs without which we’d be completely stuffed. She’s got a background as a sales exec, entrepreneur and business owner and is the vision behind our development and success. While not critiquing sustainable business models, Lol paints, draws and designs.


aaronAaron Edwards is responsible for the systems that manage Edublogs free and pro accounts, as well as countless other innovations and custom functionality which Edublogs users enjoy. He’s a critical member of the Edublogs team and while not at the keyboard, enjoys travel and is the founder of the award winning


michaelMichael Katzenellenbogen is the person who makes Edublogs tick. He’s responsible for our extensive server configuration, caching, performance and security at Edublogs as well as working tirelessly on Campus, SSO configuration and anything of significance that we do. Previously a core SysAdmin at the, he’s based in Brooklyn, NY.


MohaMoha Sudirikku is a developer for Edublogs with an eye across a whole heap of projects, providing excellent support and an aim to be the quickest coder in the, erm, east. Moha proudly takes care of our Edublogs Campus networks. He’s based in Finland, loves gadgets, and is interested in all things open source.



maniuManiu Misiek develops powerful plugins that help make every Edublogs users’ lives a bit easier. Also, he keeps a close eye on all of our themes! When he is away from his computer, he is playing tennis or windsurfing on one of the Polish lakes near his home.



ignactioIgnacio Cruz hails from Madrid, Spain where he is the co-organizer of the WordPress Meetup in Madrid. He’s an accomplished coder with his work found in many Edublogs plugins and projects.



VladislavVladislav Bailović lives in Zrenjanin, Banat, Serbia and comes from a languages and theory of literature background, but he picked up programming as a passion along the way and stuck with it. He’s still fascinated with being able to order machines to do his bidding, and is always looking for new ways to improve in that.


ElliottElliott Bristow bends over backwards to keep everybody happy! With 10 years of web design and development experience, and having watched WordPress grow in that time, Elliott is a crack-shot at troubleshooting the kinds of issues our users come up against. As a British Ex-pat living in Spain, his location means we can keep our support department open even when our US and Aussie based staff are tucked up in bed!


Wait, There’s More!

Edublogs is part of a larger team of 40+ WordPress experts – a company called Incsub.

We’re the same folks behind WPMU DEV and WPMU DEV’s WordPress Blog.

You’ll find the best and most experienced developers on the planet contributing to the success of Edublogs and what we do.

Connecting With Edublogs

Use our contact form if you would like to send us a message.

Mailing Address: We have offices in the US and Australia:

PO Box 202546
Austin, TX 78720
PO Box 163
Albert Park
Victoria 3206

Happy (belated) first birthday

Ooops, I missed it!
On July 31st (for some reason I though it was August 31st) turned one.

For a first birthday I’ve done the usual things, told her how wonderful she is, promised her the world and… perhaps not so normally… bought her another brand new dual-core server with 4 Gig of RAM :) So with any luck you should notice a considerable improvement in performance from now on!

If you’re interested here are the stats for the whole site so far… reckon I’ll be adding to that server soonish.

Edublogs 1.0 – Special Announcement

Chalkface Project I’m delighted to announce that the next generation of, supported by The Chalkface Project, is officially launched today!

Firstly, the generous support of Chalkface means that (and associated sites) are now running on their own dedicated server. That means more bandwidth, more storage space, better performance and an all round superior edublogging experience. To celebrate I’ve increased every blogs upload space to 25MB (remember that you can make unlimited posts in addition to that.)

Second, not only are Chalkface supporting us financially but are also partnering with us to provide all users with free access to their excellent online assessment tool, Yacapaca. Click on ‘Yacapaca’ in your menu bar to set up a free account and get playing!

And finally to celebrate the occasion I’ve installed a new design (one that shortly will be the subject of a logo / colour scheme competition!), please visit the homepage to check it out and let me know what you think / where it could improve.

So, with all that I’m kinda thinking that we’re pretty much out of beta now… so Monday, Feb 20th 2006 marks the beginning of edublogs 1.0 :)

Moving servers

We’re moving servers as we speak to a brand spanking new one… just for incsub :)

This is going to give us far better performance and vastly improved performance. In short it’s gonna rock. However… there might be a moment or two when your blog isn’t available or hard to get to… for that please accept our sincerest apologies and we promise that it’ll be up, running and better than ever very very soon.

If you do have problems please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or email me as I’ll be able to use your issues to test whether it’s all been done OK.

Provide some details for your blog
No stress, you can always change this later on.

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