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Option 1: Create A Free Site If you only want to set up a free site on Edublogs, you can click here to get started. Option 2: Create A Pro Site If you want to set up your free site and also want to claim your coupon code for 50% off a Pro Upgrade, please…

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Welcome Weebly Users Welcome! On August 1, 2022, the Weebly for Education platform will be discontinued. Edublogs is partnering with Weebly to provide an alternative platform where you can host teacher, classroom, and student websites. Edublogs is free to use and comes with access to many useful tools like our My Class tool, which gives…

Improving parent communication in 3 short steps

Earlier today, this blog post was published on Edutopia.org that shares results of a recent survey by the National School Public Relations Association in the US. The survey asked parents and non-parents (over 43,000 of them!) how they want to be kept informed about what’s going on at school. The results were surprising in that social…

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