New Plugin! Add Buttons, Tabs, Feeds, And Sidebars Anywhere!

The new ‘Live Shortcodes‘ plugin makes it easy to add buttons, tabs, sidebars, accordions, and much more to your blog.

You can now take control over the content you publish like never before.

What Does It Do?

This plugin gives you the ability to easily add many new elements to your pages and posts.

Here is a quick overview of the available elements:

1. Accordions

Break content into sections that visitors can open and close.


2. Toggles

Just like accordions, but more than one section can be open at a time.


3. Tabs

Like an accordion too, but with the sections across the top.


4. Dividers

Break up paragraphs with one of several different divider styles.


5. Buttons

Customize the color, shape, and style of buttons that can be links to anywhere on the web.


6. Latest Posts

Show a list of latest posts from your blog. Customize the details that are shown.

7. RSS

Display content from any RSS feed on any page or post.

8. Reader Content

Show latest posts from your reader – blogs you follow or all posts you’ve written on the network.

9. My Class Blogs

Add a list of all student blogs in a class using the ‘My Class’ tool. Determine if the list is alphabetical, random, or most recently updated.

10. My Class Recent Posts

Place a list of all posts from student blogs that belong to a class.

And we plan on adding more to this list soon!

How To Activate

The Live Shortcodes plugin is available to all Edublogs Pro and CampusPress customers.

Just go to your Plugins menu and click Activate to enable.

Then, whenever you add a new page or post, you’ll see a new “Add Shortcodes” button above your editor.

It is super easy to use and to customize each element, but if you’d like any additional help, please see the full plugin help guide here.

What’s Next?

Let us know in the comments below if you have any ideas or requests for items we can add to the shortcodes plugin. We’ll do our best to build them in!

In the meantime, we have more new exciting features and news coming later this week.

And don’t forget, time is running out on winning a FREE EDUBLOGS PRO in celebration of our 10th birthday!

Happy blogging!

An All New Edublogs Home Page Is Here

As part of our month long celebration of 10 years of Edublogs, we’re excited to roll out a new look and feel to our home page!

This is only the beginning and in the coming weeks and months, we’ll add to this site and give a similar coat of paint to some of our other sites too, like and our Help & Support site.

So What’s New?

Beyond just an overall update, there are a few new gems and additions to the site worth noting, including:

New Sign-Up Form

The account creation process has been streamlined to make it easier for students and it now works better on mobile devices too. It is now possible for new users to create a username only (so no blog) if you’d like.

The Trending Section

Scroll down the home page a little, and there’s a new ‘Community’ section that showcases some of the latest posts from across Edublogs. Perhaps your blog’s posts will be featured on our home page soon!

The Features Page

We’ve created a new and improved features comparison chart that will make it easier to see the differences between our free, Pro, and CampusPress services. Check it out here.

giveawayDon’t Forget!

During the month of August, we’re giving away over $10,000 of our services in celebration of our 10 year blogiversary. Learn more and enter to win here.

This re-design lays the groundwork for a huge new feature we’re excited to release in the very near future. So stay tuned!

Starting 2014 With a Bang: Big Edublogs Updates Are Here!

Happy New Year!

We’re excited to share some of the most significant improvements to Edublogs and Edublogs Campus in years!

A New Modern Look And Feel

You’ll immediately notice in your dashboard a brand new coat of paint.


Don’t worry, everything is exactly where it was before, but the new design is more modern and more importantly…

Mobile Friendly Dashboard

While our apps for iOS and Android work great, sometimes you might want to quickly write a post or check your blog’s dashboard from your web browser.

And now you can!


You can upload images or take pictures with your device’s camera right in the dashboard too.

Plus, if you are using our apps, you have an option to open the full dashboard experience, which is now much better as well.

Now students have no excuse not to get their posts submitted no matter where they are! ;)

Color Schemes

Hover over your name in the top right corner and choose ‘Edit My Profile’ and you’ll see options for different color schemes as well.


A nice touch, we think.

The New Plugin Experience

Visit the ‘Plugins’ menu item and you’ll also notice a dramatic new way of searching for and discovering plugins.


A little preview, now that the Plugin experience is much improved, we hope to concentrate on adding many new ones over the coming months, so stay tuned!


Edublogs Weekly Review: It’s blog action day! Where’s your post?

Today, Friday the 15th of October, is Blog Action Day where bloggers from around the world write about one topic to raise awareness and help drive change through collaboration.

This year, the topic is water – providing access to clean and safe drinking water to the nearly 1 billion people around the world that are currently without it. Facts from the official blog action day website point out that pollution, irrigation, poor infrastructure, and inefficiencies all contribute to the problems at hand.  In addition, as much as 10% of illnesses and disease could potentially be eliminated just by having access to healthy water.

It is definitely not too late to contribute posts and comments from students and teachers alike.

We’ve scoured the Edublogs site to look for student and educator blogs that are participating in Blog Action Day.  The day isn’t over, but as of the time this post was published, there looks to be hundreds of posts just on blogs alone!

Here is a list of posts on water found on Edublogs that you might want to visit:

If you don’t see you post here, please leave a comment below with a link so that we can all share!

Top #ebshare tweets from the week:

The Blogger’s Cafe is open for business, after hols do you want your students to be better bloggers? Oct 12 03:53:29 via web

our school librarian is awsome! check out her blog…prezi, glogster, youtube, wiki…she does it all! #edtechWed Oct 13 13:51:44 via web

via @datruss – Moodle Schmoodle and no point to Sharepoint – A blogging alternative experience – #ebshareFri Oct 15 12:51:56 via TweetDeck

Want to share a post, ask others to visit a blog for comments, or show off cool student work? Use the hashtag #ebshare to let us know so we can re-tweet it for you!

Featured Edublog of the Week


Technology Integration and 21st Century Classrooms

FULL of excellent tech resources! From an Edublogs Campus site.

Technology Integration Blog – Pennsylvania, USA

Find more great blogs like this one in our International Edublogs Directory.

Summing it up

It is collaboration and community that shows the real power of blogging. Blog Action Day is a great opportunity for students and educators to blog right alongside professional bloggers and organizations from around the world.

Don’t forget to share your favorite posts from Blog Action Day below!

Edublogs Weekly Review: Celebrating teachers everywhere

Happy World Teachers’ Day!

October the 5th was World Teachers’ Day, and we here at Edublogs are sending out a huge thank you to all of the teachers and educators around the globe!

There is no doubt that educating future generations is the single most important responsibility that exists, and it certainly is no easy task. The dedication, patience, professionalism, and time it takes to reach students and foster their learning is worth celebrating more than just one day each year!

World Teachers’ Day is a joint effort by International Education and The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. You can visit the official World Teachers’ Day website here.

Put together for this week’s celebration, you might enjoy getting a glimpse into these classrooms from across the globe.

Growing the Profession

Also this week, the US Department of Education launched a new website,, aimed at increasing awareness of the teaching profession and encouraging new generations to seek teaching as a career.

The website has considerable information for anyone considering becoming an educator, not just in the US, and also several inspirational videos that showcase the significant job that teachers have.

Top #ebshare tweets from the week:

a deep-thinking 7th grade blogger! who knew? (note occasional use of @snappywords for interesting words) (on @edublogs)Thu Oct 07 04:25:44 via web

Check out this post: “Do Twendships Exist?” => #ebshareWed Oct 06 00:39:37 via Seesmic twhirl

Our international blog directory is now well over 1,000 strong! Have you added your blog yet? #ebshareWed Oct 06 13:52:29 via TweetDeck

Want to share a post, ask others to visit a blog for comments, or show off cool student work? Use the hashtag #ebshare to let us know so we can re-tweet it for you!

Featured Edublog of the Week


Ms Woodward’s Class Blog

A great example of a class blog! From an Edublogs Campus site.

A composite grade 1/2 class in Victoria, Australia

Find more great blogs like this one in our International Edublogs Directory.

Summing it up

In honor of World Teachers’ Day, do you have a story to share or a link to your blog about a teacher from your past?

From all of us at Edublogs, thank you teachers for all that you do!

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