Widgets, themes, languages and more!

Phew, it’s been a busy few weeks here at casa Edublogs.

But all that toil has not gone in vain as we have a few new goodies for you that we think you’ll like.

First up there’s the Clustrmaps Widget… basically this little beauty makes it utterly simple to insert a Clustrmap into your sidebar, go give it a go, it’s a synch!

Then we’ve got a delightful new theme that goes by the name of Vertigo and is adapted from the excellent original WordPress theme designer supremo Brian Gardener. Just scroll down to the bottom of you theme area and you’ll find it there. Here’s an example of it being used rather beautifully indeed at Frank’s blog (who helped us with some tweaks, thanks Frank :).

And as if that wasn’t enough we’ve gone and make the backend of Edublogs seriously multilingual. You can now operate your Edublog in 34 different languages including, along with the regular ones, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Uzbek and Esperanto :) Just go to your options menu and select your language of choice.

Finally as we’ve had quite a few incidences of users RSS feeds being stolen and republished elsewhere without your permission, we’ve added a small copyright notice to the end of every feed… so if it is published, you should be able to track it down a whole heap easier and get the recognition you deserve (feed thieves usually remove the link from the header only).

Merry Christmas from edublogs

Christmas comes early at edublogs this year, partly because the day itself isn’t much known for teaching and learning ;), partly because we want to give the team a break… and partly because we just wanna spread some cheer!

So, as of today you should have, available in your edublog:

  • A snazzy new editor option (click it to get more editing options :)
  • Tags for every post (and also on every theme!) – tag clouds for your sidebars etc. all coming soon
  • Ten swanky new themes to choose from (two of which are pictured below)

Unfortunately there are a few hiccoughs associated with the gift (sorry) which include:

  • Themes switching back to the defaults one (FIX: just go back into ‘Presentation’ and choose the original theme)
  • /s appearing in your titles and taglines (FIX: Just edit them out under ‘Options’)

Sorry for the bother with these, with one hand we giveth and with the other we annoyeth!

But most importantly, have a happy Christmas and new year from all of us here at edublogs, and we can’t wait to bring you even more goodies in 2008!

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