I’m very aware that there have been some serious performance / speed issues this week – partly due to school starting back and partly doe to some network / configuration issues.

I’m keen to get this sorted asap though and have made some changes which will hopefully improve the speed of the site.

Please let me know (in the comments below) how it’s working for you now (good and bad).

Happy (belated) first birthday

Ooops, I missed it!
On July 31st (for some reason I though it was August 31st) turned one.

For a first birthday I’ve done the usual things, told her how wonderful she is, promised her the world and… perhaps not so normally… bought her another brand new dual-core server with 4 Gig of RAM :) So with any luck you should notice a considerable improvement in performance from now on!

If you’re interested here are the stats for the whole site so far… reckon I’ll be adding to that server soonish.

Free Wikis for all Users

wikispaces logoIt’s taken a while but I’m delighted to announce that over the next week we’ll be rolling out free (and ad free!) Wikispaces for all users.

So all existing users will get a free Wikispace – which’ll get kinda integrated into their edublog space (through the admin menu and in the sidebar) – and all new users will too… moving towards what I really want it to be (I think): a one-stop, freely available, non-commercial shop for all your educational technology needs :)

Onwards & upwards! in The Australian

Do ya like the piccie :) Here’s the article! And for a limited time it looks like I’m on their Higher Ed Homepage.

“A LOT of people spend a lot more than $US3000 a year on their hobbies,” James Farmer says, laughing.

His hobby may be better described as a quasi-religious quest: he preaches a gospel of interactive learning.

At his web portal,, teachers and students can set up free blogs using WordPress, an open-source tool…. [read the rest]

me in the australian
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