Edublogs Weekly: Reading Levels in Google Search Results

Regular readers may notice a small change in the format and schedule of our weekly posts. A few tweaks will hopefully make for a much more useful post for everyone!

Featured Post of the Week!


This week, our featured post is View Google Search Results By Reading Level by Paul Hamilton.

Especially when working with younger students or those learning a new language, this can be a great tool to identify resources that might be easier to understand at that level.

Have a post that you would like us to consider for post of the week? Send out a tweet using the hashtag #ebshare so we’re sure to see it!

Upcoming Webinars & Live Events

Join us for next week’s live events!

Wednesday the 9th @ 9:30am PSTAll About Edublogs Campus

For new Campus site-admins or for those interested in learning more about Edublogs Campus.

Thursday the 10th @ 4pm PSTEdublogs Fine Focus- PD Out Of A Blue Sky

Join us for our fortnightly “Fine Focus” sessions each week. In these sessions we range across a variety of topics and include discussion (”Talk Time”), how to use various applications (”Techie How To”), and using technology in the classroom (”Tools and Strategies”). In fact anything “e-” that is of interest to educators!

If you’re interested in suggesting a topic, or even better, being a presenter, leave a comment and let us know!

Learn more about our live events here!

We hope to see you there and have a great week!

Threading it on Edublogs

Ian Hancock asked a good question in the forums today about embedding Voicethreads into an edublogs post.

The problem being that when you copy and paste ’embed’ or ‘object’ code into your blog it disappears (it’s a security thing).

But never fear, there’s a really simple workaround… all you have to do is grab the link to the actual thread out of the code, make a note of the height and width of the object (you can manually make it smaller too to fit narrower blogs) click on the F button in your ‘Write Post’ area and take it from there.

In fact, you can do this for any flash object :)

So, for Ian’s podcast we have the code:


From which we take:

We click on flashbutton.gif and paste the link in (only the link, mind). Here we’re also going to make it a little smaller so we insert 600 width and 400 height and…

[kml_flashembed movie=”″ width=”600″ height=”400″ wmode=”transparent” /]

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