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We’ve been hearing from you that lots of educators need to move their blogs since Posterous announced they are shutting down their service on April 30. 2013

And, we’re happy to share, we’ve been working hard organizing a Posterous importer as quite a few of our Edublogs users have Posterous accounts.

When you migrate your Posterous account into Edublogs it will import:

  1. All image files
  2. All video files
  3. All audio files
  4. All posts
  5. All comments
  6. All media that has been embedded using embed code

You can easily import your posts into any Edublogs Campus and Edublogs Pro or upgraded blog.

Just go to Tools > Import and use one of the two import options:

  • Posterous – Use if you haven’t uploaded video and audio files to your Posterous account.
  • Posterous XML – use if you have uploaded video and audio files to your Posterous account.

Refer to this step by step instructions for importing your Posterous account into Edublogs.

There are numerous options for migrating Posterous to different blogging platforms but most are having the same challenge.

Here is what you need to know:

1. Complete Media Transfer

Most platforms are able to import Posterous posts with images but aren’t able to migrate a complete media transfer if you have audio and video files uploaded to your Posterous account.

This means if you currently import a Posterous account into another blogging platform, and have uploaded any audio or video files, the posts are imported but the audio or video files remain on the Posterous service.

These audio and video files need to be imported into your new blog otherwise when Posterous shuts down these media files will be lost.

Edublogs is one of the few platforms that can migrate a complete media transfer so all your audio and video files are imported into your Edublogs blog when you import from Posterous.

2.  Embed Code

The other aspect you need to consider is that Posterous allowed you to embed a wide range of media such as Prezzi, AudioBoo, Google Forms, Glogster using embed code.

Not all platforms allow you to use embed code as Edublogs does.  If you import your Posterous account into a platform that doesn’t allow embed code you’ll lose all your embeds.  You don’t lose any embeds when you import into an Edublogs blog.


Some platforms also can’t import your comments, so be sure to check this first.

 We look forward to helping users move their existing work over and are happy to answer your questions!


About Sue Waters

Edublogs Support Manager @suewaters on Twitter


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