During today’s class blog webinar, I had the pleasure of welcoming in David Carruthers’ grade 6 class from St. Thomas, Ontario. Let me just say that these students were wonderful!

We host these webinars on a rotating basis, and we don’t require any sign-up, registration, or really have any way of knowing who might show up.

After Mr. Carruthers asked if the students could all login, we had the whole group of students live in the Elluminate room asking questions and interacting right alongside the educators that were participating from around the world.

The students asked excellent questions about pages and posts, adding different widgets, upload space, and changing fonts. You can tell that they know what they are talking about when it comes to blogging.

Check out their class blog, The Plugged In Portable, to see the excellent work that they are doing. I’m sure that they would appreciate some nice comments too – the student blogs are all found on the right sidebar.

Keep an eye on our webinar page or our blog here to find out about upcoming webinars.

Thanks Mr. Carruthers and all of your students for joining us today!

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