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As much of the world is heading back to school this month, we have an exciting new feature at Edublogs that is sure to make it even easier to get students up and blogging this school year.

You will be happy to hear that Edublogs no longer requires users to have an email address!

We hope that removing this barrier will allow more teachers to add students as users to their blogs and makes creating student blogs even easier.

When signing up on Edublogs.org, just leave the email address boxes blank and we take care of the rest. Users can add their email address later should they like.

The New Sign-Up Form
The New Sign-Up Form

You will also notice that we now allow you to create your own password right from the start!

This will eliminate the need to receive a confirmation email before getting started and hopefully minimize forgotten passwords by students.

These improvements, along with our recent addition of an ‘Easy blogging’ dashboard interface, are a direct result of user feedback, and all part of our commitment to being the most student friendly blogging platform available.

From all of us at Edublogs, here’s to a fantastic school year!

About Ronnie Burt

Manages the Edublogs, CampusPress, and WPMU DEV Hosting services. Former secondary math teacher and wannabe musician. Follow @ronnieburt on twitter!


  1. Does this new \no email required\ procedure apply when I am generating student blogs from my blog that I can be administrator on? It doesn’t appear so. When I go to the new blog/user page it is still requiring an email for each of the 15 user names. If it only applies when students create blogs that I cannot be administrator on, that would not be practical, since I often need to help or monitor.

    • Hi Deborah,

      The no email requirement currently only applies to the sign-up form. However, we are hard at work to bring this to the blog and user creators in the dashboard.

      We will be sending out an announcement of this addition in the near future. :)

      In the mean time, once a student creates a blog on the admin form, you can add them to your blog or ask for their login details so that you can add yourself as an administrator.

      • I had my students without e-mail addresses sign up on the main edublogs page, but I can’t figure out how to add them onto my blog so that they can participate in the discussions. Help!

        • @Danielle are you just wanting them to leave comments on your blog or wanting them to be able to write posts?

  2. I tried adding my students in “Add New Users” but was not able to add them without e-mail addresses. Am I doing this in the correct place to not have to use student e-mail addresses? I would really like to use this feature. Thanks!

    • tsnell
    • Hi tsnell, at this time, email addresses are still required using the “Add New Users” and the “Blog & User Creator” in the blog dashboards. No email addresses are required when using the sign-up forms on our home page.

  3. I’m a tad confused. If I just want them to leave comments on my blog, will they need e-mail accounts?

    • La Bibliotecaria Johnson
    • For comments, you can change the settings under Settings > Discussion in your blogs dashboard to remove the email requirement. You can also have students create new blogs/accounts using the sign up form without an email address and then in the settings choose so that only logged in users can comment.

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  6. If I allow my students to set up their own blogs, will they be able to blog advertisement free since I’ve have pro?

    • mcgheeal
    • Hi! You can upgrade up to 50 student blogs to be ad free with each Pro blog. This is done by going to the Pro menu in your blog’s dashboard and clicking on ‘Upgrade Up To 50 Student Blogs’. You will first need to create the student blogs and know the URL of the blogs you want to upgrade. Happy blogging!

  7. Is this just for the pro users or all users?

    • holycrossroom10
    • It is for all – any blogs created using the big Free or Pro buttons on our homepage.

  8. I don’t want my year 4s creating their own blogs until they have shown they can participate responsibly on our class blog. How do I add them as contributors without email addresses?

    • Despi
    • Best bet is to email support @ edublogs.org for fastest help, but it sounds like you will be best served with the gmail+ trick. Thanks!

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