If you have logged into your blog lately, you might have seen a screen that looks like this when you first signed in:


This is a new feature that is designed for younger and beginning bloggers to simplify the blog dashboard area by rearranging and hiding some of the less used features.

If you don’t see this screen or would like to switch back and forth between the two Admin Areas, look for buttons like these on the top right of your blog’s dashboard:

The new ‘Easy Admin Area’ simplifies all of the most common functions of setting up and editing a blog, including creating posts and pages, and changing themes and appearances.

This is the ideal setting for student bloggers and those just starting out, and user management and plugin settings are still just a click away in the familiar Advanced Admin Area.

Even more helpful features:

Help Example
Example of New Help Tip

In addition to the Easy Admin Area, you will also find new “tips” and help information right inside of both Admin Areas.

Try clicking on one of the many blue question marks to get a quick tip or checking out the boxes scattered throughout the dashboard with extra information and reminders.

We’re working to improve existing tips and add new ones all of the time, so we would love your input should you see something we should add.

Now, more than ever, Edublogs truly is the most student friendly blogging solution available.

With these new features, you should feel confident that new users of all levels can navigate around blogging dashboards with ease.

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