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Exciting news!

We are working on a new directory at Edublogs which will allow you to easily sort through and find blogs based on type or location.

To help us get started, we would love anyone that would like their blog to be included in the directory when we launch to complete the form below:

Please select a valid form
About Ronnie Burt

Manages the Edublogs, CampusPress, and WPMU DEV Hosting services. Former secondary math teacher and wannabe musician. Follow @ronnieburt on twitter!


  1. I use this blog to leave work for students in yrs 8 and 10 in maths. I also use it for my yr 8 ICT class. Increasingly am adding maths links for myself and others to use.

    • You might want to check out my blog, I am a Librarian in Canada and have posted several Math related websites. Look under the top tab “web links” and then select “math” from the right hand column of the blog.
      Hopefully there’s something there you will find useful :)

      • thebeak
      • Yar what is RSS Feed??

        • sidraangel
        • It is the URL we can use to automatically list the latest posts from your blog. For all edublogs.org blogs it is yourblog.edublogs.org/feed. For example, the RSS feed for this blog is http://www.edublogs.org/feed. I hope this helps!

          • Ronnie
  2. oops i might have not resubmitted my blog name. 3rd time lucky
    Yrs 8 and 10 maths and yr 8 ICT.

    • Got your blog and it is added. Thanks!

      • Ronnie
  3. Hi Ronnie,

    In your check boxes can you add the following (recently did a poll of 137 teacher-bloggers and found that 45% or edubloggers write for other teachers)… and also make the multiple choice set so that more than once selection is possible.

    1. school’s community as a whole
    2. parents
    3. global educators
    4. other

    And with regard to blogging for students – define between educators leaving homework assignments/ optional activities for students to do (and comment on) versus blogs created by students themselves with teachers providing feedback.

    Hope that’s useful.


    • Hi Karenne,

      Thanks for the feedback. I will see how I can add it more categories. :)

      For multiple categories, it is perfectly fine to submit the form more than once with the same blog if needed. I know this isn’t as convenient, but it is needed for the control of the form.

      For student blogs, the intent was that these are blogs written by students. Educators leaving homework/assignments would be class blogs under the subject category.

      Thanks again – I’m playing with the categories now. :)

      • Ronnie
  4. i use blog to show kids how much would u need to travel in certain places

    • shalike
  5. I use my blog now to update those who read about my life, once school starts back it will include fun quotes by students, interesting experiences and daily life of a wife, mom and teacher!

  6. I hope that you choose to come and check out my site.

    my site address is http://www.alexthegreat.edublogs.org.

    I don’t have that many people watching it, and it would be so nice of you to at least look at it and leave me a comment!!!

    • Alex
  7. I blog for Illinois State University to give the perspective of a Communications Grad Student and TA. These blogs are as follows


    I also have recently started a blog for fun about teaching and including technology in the classroom


    Check it out!
    I’d also love to follow blogs about tech in a college classroom!

    • stephbushman
  8. Hi,
    I’m a brand new edublogger and I’m trying to upload a slide show of images onto my Blog. Where do I enter the information?
    At the moment I only have the free version but will be upgrading soon.
    Thank you.

    • Miss Phillips
    • Hi Lisa,

      Welcome to the world of edublogging! Is something like this what you are looking at doing? If not, or you need any help, don’t hesitate to use the Contact link at the top of this page to let us know for the fastest support.


      • Ronnie
  9. i also would like to do tech college classroom from following blogs.

    • shalike
  10. I use my blog to communicate with students all over Australia during our national Book Week. I often pose questions about the titles shortlisted for an award and the students reply via comments. Check it out at http://bookweek07.edublogs.org/

  11. Hi Ronnie,

    We use our blog at present mainly to engage students in discussion, to encourage students to reflect on their learning and to share students’ work. We look forward to collaborating with other schools in Australia and other countries around the world.
    Visit our blog at http://creativethinkers.edublogs.org/

    • kfalconer
  12. I think this directory is a great idea. I am new to the blogging world but I am really getting into it. I plan to use my blog to show student work and pose questions for them to answer. I would love to have some more visitors to my blog so yall stop by and check it out. Leave a comment or suggestion too!

  13. I’m having trouble finding the directory! Can you post a link?

    • We’re still working on it – will be ready very soon! We’ll make a news post here when it is ready! :)

      • Ronnie
  14. What the RSS feed is, please? Can anyone help me out?

    • It is the URL we can use to automatically list the latest posts from your blog. For all edublogs.org blogs it is yourblog.edublogs.org/feed. For example, the RSS feed for this blog is http://www.edublogs.org/feed. I hope this helps!

      • Ronnie
      • Thank you! It certainly helped me… :-)

  15. I have two blogs one for my students at Mr. Falvo’s AP World History Blog and now my professional /personal blog her at Edublog

    • ofalvo
  16. I started my blog nearly 2 years ago when I won a Premier’s Teaching Scholarship to travel to Canada. It was a very practical way of being able to write my report.

    I have since used my blog to make social commentary but from today a new adventure begins… I have taken leave from work and will live in Munich for 3 months!
    So once again, my blog will be a fun way to stay in touch with family and colleagues as I write about this little Aussie’s experiences a long way from home.

    I hope you can drop in and visit me from time to time at http://fionasteel.edublogs.org

    • fionasteel
  17. My blog is developing everyday. I thoroughly enjoy the ease of blogging and being able to communicate effectively with my students, parents and school community.

    I’m constantly trying to think of ways to improve my blog to engage my students and get them interested in learning through an exciting medium.

    I want my blog to be fun and educational!

    • melaniemclean
  18. hey,
    my classroom and i use this site to publish what we are doing throughout the school year, the children’s reflections, add information for parents, and recently I’ve added their own personal blogs (which are yet to be worked on). It’s a work in progress, but we LOVE comments (other than nasty spam), and we LOVE our class blog!!

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