As promised, we are releasing THREE new plugins this week!  minical

The first is an easy way of accepting payments or donations right inside your blog.

The second, which has been a highly requested feature, gives you the ability to place a calendar on any post or page in your blog.

This plugin can be used as an event calendar, lesson plan book, or maybe a class birthday calendar.  We would love to hear about other ways that this feature might be used.  Feel free to leave a comment below with your ideas!

So how do you use the plugin?

calendaroptionsIt’s easy.  Pro and Campus users can activate the plugin from their dashboard.  This will create a new Calendar tab near the bottom of the left column in the dashboard where you can configure the calendar.

The most common way to use the calendar is to create a new page and copy and paste {CALENDAR} into the page where you want the calendar to appear.  Make sure to include the brackets and use all upper case letters.  This can be used on any page or post in a blog.

To add events, click on Manage Calendar on the calendar tab.  Events can be recurring, scheduled for all day, or given specific times.  You can assign events to different categories and give each category a different color so it can be easily identified on the calendar.  You might find useful when assigning colors.

And what about widgets?

Once the plugin is activated, you will find two new widgets to put in your blog’s sidebars.  There is one for “Today’s Events” and one for “Upcoming Events”.

A calendar may just be the perfect addition to a class blog to keep students and parents informed. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s release of plugin number three!

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