Many of the new themes now available to Pro and Campus users have unique features that we think you will be excited about. P2, the theme, is no exception!


Designed for discussion and collaboration, P2 combines the instant update ability of Facebook walls, the quick posting nature of Twitter, and the tagging and post features of blogs.

It is something that is best experienced to understand, and we encourage you to visit our P2 Theme Playground to get a first hand look.

Don’t just look – PLAY!

If you are signed in to Edublogs, you can reply to posts or start a new thread.  We would love to use the Playground to share ideas of how this theme might best be used in classrooms and schools.  Don’t be shy!

A favorite feature is the instantaneous and real-time updates of comments on the blog.  Users can be logged in from anywhere and communicate exactly as if they were in a chat room.

A few ideas of how this theme could be used with students:

  • Group projects – P2 is a great way for groups to discuss projects and share ideas – you could use it to help manage communication on a group project and review it yourself any time you’d like.
  • Idea board – Your school could use P2 as an ‘ideas board’ that teachers, students, and even parents could simply add to and then discuss.
  • Note taking – During class, you could easily add notes or links to P2 that students could then access, and even add to, after class.

Not only is P2 tailored for collaboration, but you are able to customize the background color and image in just about any color imaginable.

If you are looking to enhance class discussions, manage a private collaboration blog, or completely replace message forums, you should consider checking this powerful and cool looking theme out.

And don’t forget as a Pro user you can simply upgrade up to 50 student (or other) blogs!

Once upgraded, student blogs will have:

Features on upgraded student blogs

Upgrading is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

How to upgrade a student blog

Provide some details for your blog
No stress, you can always change this later on.
Use only lowercase letters (a-z) and numbers.

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