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Update: By popular demand we’ve also introduced an ‘Add Users’ feature that lets you easily add up to 15 users at one time to your blog (and they can all have different roles too!) Check out ‘Add Users’ under your ‘Users’ tab.

We’ve got a cracking new feature this week, one that we should’ve introduced ages ago and one that we think you’ll love!

Introducing…. the Blog and User Creator!

Blog and user creator

You can find this beautiful new feature in your ‘Users’ menu and what it does is simple.

It allows you to create, in batches of up to 15 at a time, blogs and usernames for your students and colleagues.

Give them a username, pop in their email address, choose a URL for them and decide if you want to also be admin of their blog (how neat is that, you can easily administer every student blog you set up… you can even change the student to ‘author’ or ‘contributor’ level!)

So now you don’t have to worry about your students all creating blogs, you can do it for them here.

Or if you want to introduce Edublogs to the other teachers in your school… just set them up an account using this tool.

And it even doesn’t matter if your students don’t have email addresses, because there’s a simple hack you can use with gmail.

Anyway, as you can probably tell, we’re pretty excited by this feature, and we’d love to get your feedback on it so please tell us what you think in the comments below.

About James

James Farmer lives in Melbourne, Australia and spends most of his days chained to a computer while being harassed by tiny pixies insisting that he try to improve edublogs.


  1. I had a hard time trying to create blogs for my students. The error message said that no capitals are allowed in the url, eventhough I had not placed any capitals in the urls.

    • nedtrevors
  2. How do I make myself the administrator of student blogs? I want to be able to monitor the content that is posted by each student.

  3. Just set yourself as co-admin when you create them. You can then fiddle with the student user levels if you want (it’s in the video).

  4. how do students make entries on blogs?

    • readert
  5. On my Pi and Technology blog, scroll down to Comments and write your comment.

    • Mrs. G-W
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  9. Hi ,
    I am feeling a little lost. I have tried adding a new user to my blog who will be assisting me in adding content. I have tried using the Add User from Community section – doesn’t work. Tells me the User can’t be found.

    Tried the Add Users section it tells me A user with that email address could not be found. This particular user already has an edublog account. What am I doing wrong . Help.

    • mrsbutler1
  10. Most likely they are using a different email address or have an account on learnerblogs.org (which doesn’t cross over)

  11. Hi! This is a wonderful teaching tool! However, I didn’t add myself as co-administrator to a majority of my students’ blogs. Can I do this after the fact? How?
    Ms Pari

    • mspari
  12. Thanks for this feature. Now I have created blogs for my students, how do I link them to my class blog

    • bhavill
  13. James, major question as I prepare to expand my use of edublogs for next year. This year, I started with my 7th graders. It was extremely successful, but I have found some kinks and cannot find solutions. I had wanted the kids to be able to design their own blogs, customize, add wikis, etc. I made them co-administrators with me, using the gmail hack. I was disappointed that I was unable to moderate their posts. How can I add that functionality without reducing their capabilities by now giving them the role of contributor? Is there a way? Also, several of them have figured out how to change their email (thus I am not getting notifications now) and how to edit comments. Since next year my expansion means including even younger students, is there a way to fix all of this? Right now, all I can think is that I will have to give them administrator rights for a period of time so that they can customize their blog all they want, then changing their role to contributor so that I will be able to moderate posts in addition to comments. Second: as the kids graduate, and want to keep their blogs, how do I allow them to keep their blog without being linked to my gmail account? I hope these questions aren’t too rudimentary for you to tackle. Thanks.

    • genarg
  14. hi there, i have used the gmail hack to include my students. however, using Gmail Hack, only I as the administrator will get the rss updates. since i was using Gmail hack, my students could not get the updates… that turned them off! sigh…

    • uma
  15. Well, ideally they would have their own email addresses, but we;re working on other solutions.

  16. Hi James. No matter what question or comment I post, I am not getting a response from you. Even a “Go back to tech school newbie” would be preferable to nothing. I find the forums too confusing as I am actually a newbie, so could I get a reply to my questions? Please?

    • genarg
  17. @genarg just copy and paste your comment into the forums: http://edublogs.org/forums/ it’s no more difficult than posting it here and will get more responses from across the community as well as assisting peopel searching or browsing aroudn similar issues in the future.

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