With our new design there are some new ways you can promote, share, biggup and generally pimp your edublog.

First up there are ‘blogs of the hour’ – this is determined by which blogs across the community had the most readers in the last hour and is updated every 20 minutes. We prefer this to ‘of the day’ as it reflects different edubloggers in different timezones, and therefore profiles more great blogs.

BUT in order to really get the most out of it, you’re gonna want to upload an avatar (Options > Avatar) so get uploading!

blogs of the hour

Then there’s the ‘edublogs universe’ lower down on the frontpage… a brilliant way to find interesting edublogs and individual posts. It’s simple to get involved in this, just use categories when you;re posting (here’s a how to).

edublog tags

Here’s a great article too about how one edublogger is using tags.

If you know any other great ways to get your edublog noticed, let us know about them!

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