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Pretty special edublogging day today as not only is it our second birthday, but it’s also the release of edublogs 2.0!

The new look of edublogs

That’s right, 2.0 in the social, logo, look ‘n feel and general evolutionary sense.

Not only do we have a new look, but you can also catch the hottest blogs of the last hour, a massive tag cloud of all things edubloggy (here’s how you get your posts in it), featured edublogs, search and a whole lot more.

And we’ve even made a video… to help you persuade all your colleagues that joining edublogs is most definitely the right thing for them to be doing in the 2007 – 2008 school year!

So, we hope you enjoy the new look and feel, there’s going to be a *heck* of a lot more cool stuff coming this year and as ever… happy edublogging :)

About James

James Farmer lives in Melbourne, Australia and spends most of his days chained to a computer while being harassed by tiny pixies insisting that he try to improve edublogs.


  1. This new format is soooooo much better! Thanks for the user-friendly style. I cannot wait to get back into the classroom with this wonderful tool.

  2. I have my personal blog here and just started our Second Life blog here too. http://pictsl.edublogs.edu. I love the widgets and how things have gotten bigger and better.
    Thanks !

  3. You are sure doing everything you can to make web 2.0 available to tech seeking teachers. Now it is time for us to go to work!

  4. i think its a very good idea so keep the newsletters coming to me Bye Wade

    • wade
  5. I do like the format…just a comment-it was hard to tell where to go if you already HAVE a bloge to get a NEW blog there is only a sign up button and if you have an acct already it is not intuitive to click there–I am working with some beginners and Web2.0 is sometimes overwhelming….Intuitive is KEY

  6. Fantastic work! Congratulations!

  7. Will this update my current blog? I will not have time to support two different blogs.

  8. This is going to take my blog to a whole other stratosphere. Thanks for helping me get there faster. I cannot wait to experiment and more important, receive personal commentary from others.

  9. This looks great in just glancing over it. I especially liked the 10 ways to use with students, since I plan to do more with blogs in the classroom this year. Those ways will certainly help with convincing others to do so too. When I have a little more time I will check out the new setup in depth.

    • Mateach
  10. I was excited to see more themes, and I finally realized something that I think should be spelled out more clearly. The themes aren’t simply different visually, they also have different functionality. For example, I spent a lot of time trying how to have comments available on a page other than the home page, which simply wasn’t possible in the theme I was using. By dint of a lot of trial and error, I think I found the best combo of form and function for my site, but it wasn’t easy!

    Still, no matter which theme I choose, it always gets an enthusiastic reception from my testers!

  11. I have had no luck with the old style Edublogs after trying to set up a blog for a teacher – I entered my details and was sent a confirmation email to say the blog was set up but after entering my details the blog said it did not recognise my details. I then tried to set up another blog but was told I already had a blog and couldn’t get another one with the same name. So it was a disaster. Maybe I will be able to get a blog with this system!

    • Lorna
  12. Hi Lorna, send us your info at support (at) edublogs [dot] org and we’ll see what we can do for you.

  13. Is it me, or is it no longer possible to format images with the new editor?

  14. You are an amazing person. And you probably already know this, but in Safari, the images aren’t loading (the paths are incorrect) and links aren’t working…FYI

    • aimee
  15. As an Italian teacher I congratulate for your work. ICT resources must be shared among the community.

    Thanks, Andrea

  16. Yikes! How do the teachers become meber of the community to add to our blog as user?

  17. Hi Pamela, they need to sign up!

  18. Do the new features include the ability to access visitor stats to my blog? If so how much detail is included and what is the format?

    • Jo Briscombe
  19. Just get a Google Analytics account, turn on the plugin and you’ll have more stats that you could possibly know what to do with – in as many formats as you want.

    We will be introducing some internal stats at one point, but for the moment you’ll like this.

  20. I have searched all through your site to find a contact e-mail address for edublog but cannot find it. I have been waiting for my activation e-mail to arrive for well over 12 hours. Is this normal?

    • Mykringo
  21. It’s probably your spam filters – please try using a gmail / hotmail / yahoo account.

    Please visit the forums for more discussion / Q&A: http://edublogs.org/forums

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