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We’re going to be launching a rather cool new look for edublogs pretty soon to complement our new hardware and functionality.

And as a part of this we’d like to display some testimonials… and not just ones we’ve made up :D

So, if you have a few minutes could you email us (support (at) edublogs [dot] org) or leave a comment below with your thoughts on Edublogs.

What’d be even better (although don’t feel obliged to do so) would be if you could include your name, your location, your institution and your blog URL… could get you lots of nice traffic off the homepage too!

And we’ll be eternally grateful!

About James

James Farmer lives in Melbourne, Australia and spends most of his days chained to a computer while being harassed by tiny pixies insisting that he try to improve edublogs.


  1. My blogs have enabled me to meet my students’learning where it happens for them – on line and interactive.

    As an educator, I like that it is a live document; I can add and delete links for their reading as I locate better ones. I can update images as I search the web.

    Even better, I save on photocopying (cost and trees) and no more ‘I lost my notes..” as it’s all online!

  2. Edublogs has revolutionised the way I share ideas and resources with other teachers around the world.
    It has motivated me to write about my experiences as a teacher and thus improve the quality of my teaching.
    I’ve set up a seperate blog called notreblog for children to share their ideas as moderated comments. So far students in the UK, USA and France have given their opinions on global issues and described what they do in their everyday life.
    Edublogs has helped to give all my students an equal voice. It has also helped them to learn how much they have in common with other children around the world.

  3. Thanks guys… keep ’em coming! And if you’re happy to, please feel free to leave details of the institution you work for – or maybe even just the subject, age range you teach (makes things more convincing ;)

  4. I’m an ICT teacher at Notre Dame High School, Norwich. I also provide training for trainee teachers.

  5. Hi! I just signed up for a blog and plan to use it with my first graders this year. I’m really looking forward to utilizing this in my classroom and for parents to be able to comment on happenings on the blog.

    • mrsmathes
  6. Hi,

    I’m a Grade 5 teacher near Ottawa, Canada. I’ve used Edublogs this past year to set up both a classroom blog and podcast. My students are 10 and 11 years old.

    There wasn’t too much trouble in getting the kids to figure out how to use the technology and the folks behind edublogs have been constantly upgrading this FREE service.

    Our blog and podcast gives the students a real voice. It has allowed us to carry on our learning outside of the classroom. Thank you for that!

    Check us out at http://www.portableradio.ca


    Nathan Toft
    Ottawa Carleton District School Board

    • Mr. Toft
  7. I teach middle school computers. I have used edublogs since April. Before that I used another service. I have to say edublogs offers the most versatility and ease for my students to access. My students love using it (sometimes a little to much). With edublogs I am able to stay in contact with students who are on vacation and who are home sick. I post homework and assignments on the pages and communicate with students on the blog. I have found that students are more willing to aske questions through the blog, rather than hold up their hand. The blog seems less intimidating to them. I really like the fact that you Keep it simple. Check out our page at http://mscomptchr.edublogs.org (remember if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.)

  8. Hello James,

    I’ve been using Edublogs for over a year now, so I have a very long list of all the reasons I love this program. To avoid rambling on, I’m going to confine my testimonial to observations and reflections from a workshop I did with eleven teachers this past week.

    After sharing with them how I was using blogging in my teaching practice, I suggested venturing into Edublogs so they could set up their own blogs. On Day 1 they were pretty hesitant about incorporating blogs into their teaching toolkit. By Day 3 they were totally on board. By Day 5, many were teaching me new Edublogs tricks and tips (i.e., sidebar widget stuff).

    They loved and very much appreciated that Edublogs is a community of educators. They loved the ease of setting up a blog. They loved the new themes, widgets and customizable headings especially.

    But what really pulled them over the top was the Forum. When several had questions I couldn’t answer, I took them into the Forum (see posts from Lot49 and McCann). Wish I had tapped their responses the next day when they logged in and saw that you and others had already responded. 24/7 support – Wow!

    Oh my, oh my, what a wonderful community and world of possibilities you have opened, James.

    With much appreciation,

    Gail Desler – Blogwalker http://blogwalker.edublogs.org

    Elk Grove Unified School District (Sacramento, California)
    Area 3 Writing Project (UC Davis – California)

  9. This is probably THE best blog I have ever used (not that I’m full of experience). Either way, I have never felt such an urge to post as I have with this site. It’s flexible, easy-to-use, and has some great advantages. I highly recommend this blog to anyone who just wants to post their thoughts, feelings, or anything they want without the fear of online buggers sending them private messages, or asking for friend requests, etc.

  10. I love Edublogs and I find the network to be very supportive and flexible. The WordPress platform is very easy to use (easier than Manila, which I had been using) and James is always checking out the forums (do you sleep, James?) and answering questions, fixing problems and working on solutions.

    I use Edublogs as a teacher, as a writer, as a professional development leader and as a member of the blogging community. And now I am also using Edublogs Premium for our Western Massachusetts Writing Project and we are very pleased with the service and ability to administer our own network for our teachers and program leaders.

    This is the blog from where it all begins for me: http://dogtrax.edublogs.org/

    Kevin H
    Western Massachusetts

  11. I use Edublogs to share resources/ideas with ESL teachers and students around the world. It’s technically very friendly; there’s a great sense of community among users; and Edublogs itself couldn’t be more open to ideas and suggestions.

    Edublogs is incredibly responsive to its users — in addition to providing professional development support with blogs, they could give most companies training in customer service!

    Larry Ferlazzo (http://larryferlazzo.edublogs.org/)
    Luther Burbank High School
    Sacramento, California
    Grand Prize Winner — 2007 International Reading Association Presidential Award For Reading and Technology

  12. I have just started using Edublogs this month and I think it is excellent. It is really easy and enjoyable to use.

    Being able to customise the page by adding any of the widgets and plugins is great fun as well as being useful. Also the absence of advertising gives a very professional look. All in all a fantastic FREE service for education.

    I will certainly be recommending it to my fellow teachers and students come September!

    ICFE, Dublin, Ireland
    (We are a PLC college catering for 18yr olds and adults – covering a wide range of subject areas)

  13. Fantastic changes. Thanks for keeping us challenged. Our new National Writing Project Summer Institute at the Hudson Valley Writing Project in New Paltz, NY knows only edublogs. And James, thanks for adding the personal touch and answering our concerns right away! BRAVO!
    Bonnie K.

  14. This is one of the best professional development tools available. Teachers can quickly get set up and be online in a matter of minutes. We can then spend time on the important stuff like communication and collaboration. Thank you for providing such a useful tool!

  15. I am amazed at the power of Edublogs and the ease with which I set up my blog. It’s the perfect place for students to publish and get current class information, and I can filter submitted comments before they get posted. After only a few hours, I have upwards of twenty pages and categories related to my class. All I have to do now is build my pages by attaching files and links. I can’t believe I didn’t get with Edublogs sooner.

    John Markealli
    Language Arts Teacher
    Hillsboro, Oregon

  16. I’ve been on edublogs for eighteen months and have found it to be an outstanding service and a wonderful community. It’s more than just a place for academics, students and everyone in some way involved in teaching and learning to blog – although it is that, too – it’s a service that is driven be a core philosophy about the importance of blogging in/as/for education, and the philosophy has always been central.

    Edublogs has been an excellent, easy-to-use and highlight customisable home both for my blog (tama.edublogs.org) and the blogs of many of my students and colleagues.

    I commend James Farmer, the edublogs service, and all of the thousands of doors he has opened for the learning and teaching, and now, edublogging, communities.

    Thanks James!

    – Tama Leaver, Centre for the Advancment of Teaching and Learning, University of Western Australia

    • Tama
  17. dis is wonderfull!

  18. I promote the freedom of speech, free expression, and against the internet censorship.
    The First Amendment Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
    I highly recommend this blog to anyone who just wants to post their free thoughts, feelings, or anything they want without the fear of online buggers sending them private messages, or asking for friend requests, etc.

  19. As an elementary teacher I needed an easy way to keep parents informed about assignments and class activities. This has been ideal. My first edublog was a homework blog. And though many of my students don’t have access to computers at home, enough have appreciated the site’s availablity. Now I’m using a blog to run a online bookclub for my school. I love that I can customize the blog options, ensuring a safe environment for students to comment within.

    Thank you for making the technology available for us teachers and students, because we can’t afford it otherwise, and easy enough for anyone to use.

  20. Edublogs has become one of the few cornerstone web 2.0 pieces of my classroom. I teach a junior high class (grade 7 and 8) that is heavily connected with the world. We use wikis, make videos, host international podcasts, shoot photos, and use our blogs to tie all of these pieces together. It is a service that I highly recommend using.

  21. This is a great tool. Even though I am doing very little teaching at the moment and I haven’t had chance to see the full potential in the classroom, this has been an invaluable tool to help me in my work supporting other teachers

  22. Edublogs is the premier place to be as an educator who is serious about blogging. A good range of templates, nice plugins and well supported forums.

    Chad Outten
    Director, Learning Technologies
    My Learning Space
    Connect :: Communicate :: Collaborate

  23. It’s a bit stupid, especially when I want to register a new contributor; he is forced to register with edublogs first in order for me to invite him to contribute in my blog. I should be able to invite anyone I want without making him/her signup with you first, as any other blog in the world does.
    Do you want the whole world to singup with you?
    Someone said that it is a good idea for everyone to signup with you so that everybody in a class or group can have a blog, that’s non sense because we will end up with millions of blogs and we simple won’t have the chance to read them all!
    Mine is a soccer team, and we need JUST ONE BLOG! for the players and parents to freely access it, read it and write comments, WITHOUT MAKING EVERY PLAYER AND EVERY PARENT SIGNUP WITH EDUBLOG.
    Can you do that? That’s the only thing am asking for.

    Hiya, you can create one blog and have “the players and parents to freely access it, read it and write comments” without them having to create accounts… people only need to be signed up as users if you want them to be a contributor to the blog – if you want more clarification please could you post to the forums as we’ll be able to help you out there – Cheers, James

  24. The beautiful state of Alabama signing in, here. My edublogs campaign was a bit slow last year, but with the new school year it seems to be picking up a full head of steam. The new class of 8th graders can’t get enough of it. Does anyone have helpful hints about how to get them to stop using IM language? I’m offering 10 extra points for each blog with proper grammar and spelling, which helps only a little. Is it just a sign of the times? Will the English language be obsolete 50 years from now???? HELP! S.O.S. We are educators, after all. What is the solution???

    Swing by the forums and maybe we’ll be able to help you out :) – Cheers, James

  25. Kudos to EduBlogs. Ease of use is fantasic. Thanks so much for this excellent tool. I am currently taking a ECMP course through the University of Regina and our first assignment was to build a blog. Having limited experience I was able to create lightinthewoods.edublogs.com quickly. I look forward to further exploring edublogs for further use in my classroom.


  26. Edublogs is a tremendous resource for the worldwide community of educators. I work as an assistive technology consultant in K-12 schools on Vancouver Island. I’ve used edublogs since May of 2006 to highlight free educational software and online resources.

    The flexible and versatile edublogs platform has served me very well. Useful new features are added regularly, so edublogs is continuously evolving and improving. And edublogs really does get around. In the first six months after installing Google Analytics, my blog had visits from over 100 countries! –paulhami.edublogs.org

  27. One of the best free services I’ve ever gotten. It isn’t just a blog, it’s a piece of art! I am thoroughly convinced that the great response I got from my students to our edublog (http://nicholasfifth.edublogs.org) was because it looked like something they should take seriously. It is a great palette for me work on and set my ideas free. Thank you James.

  28. Prairie Lands Writing Project’s Advanced Writing With Technology Institute used edublogs to introduce teachers to integrating writing with technology in all content areas in June 2007. These were teachers who had never blogged. They were not too excited about blogging. I as the teacher had hoped to get half of them setup and maybe with one post for the first day. They amazed me. All were posting, had a blog roll setup and excited about this activity the first day. I commend edublogs for making the site so user friendly. If you go to the mistyblue site you will see that it was used as the class instructional area. Blog names came from their first writing assignment. Thank you James.

  29. One of the best free services I’ve ever gotten. It isn’t just a blog, it’s a piece of art!It is a great palette for me work on and set my ideas free. Thank you

    • leva
  30. Greetings: I’m looking forward to getting to the hang of this site. It looks like a learning tool I will be able to enjoy

  31. super cool. how do i put in pictures

  32. I must admit, I was hesitant to start a blog page… Didn’t really know what it could do. When I took a class from Gail (blogwalker) and listened and observed what edublogs could do, I was ON BOARD! I like how you can set up all sorts of information for parents and students and fellow educators to access — easily. It is so easy how I can just give my edublog address to teachers who would like to use forms and curriculum that I have been able to upload or copy onto my blog page. I like how students can access forms, assignments, etc. and give no more excuses: I lost my assignment sheet, I didn’t have my Study guide, etc. I like how parents can refer to my Survival Guide or Rules and Procedure pages to have a discussion with their child about our classroom, etc. I like how we can accept/decline comments onto our blogs.

    I plan on starting a Blogging Assignment onto the post sites. Students will be able to write blogs, from home or at school during computer lab times. This is a new form of writing!

    I was so excited to share my blog page with my fellow teammates. She was very impress and signed up to start her own blog page, too. I hope that when other people visit edublogs, they too will join the revolution of blogging.

    Thank you for having this service. Blogging has been around for 10 years and I hope that educators can use blogging in their classrooms.

    Dee Duenas
    6th grade teacher
    Elk Grove Unified School District (CA)
    Area 3 Writing Project (UC Davis, CA)

  33. I am a student. I love the constant communication with the blogs. It is exciting to see who has responded to my comments.

    • student
  34. I don’t know..I guess I am the only one in the world that can’t get the blog to respond to loading pictures or video..anything…I am an educator and a complete layman when it comes to this type of delivery system. I wish instructions could be written in plain English rather than in computer speak..frustrating..

    Erm… this is where you are suposed to tell us how great we are, may I redirect you to the forums.

  35. In workshops I find that from the most experienced teachers to young novices, edublogs provides a new setting for teachers to have conversations with students and others about learning. Thanks so much for this place of reflection!

  36. Edublogs provides a wonderful environment for educational blogging. Having a site devoted purely to educators initially helped us convince our district to support our efforts at blogging in the first place.

    With the help of edublogs, the idea of blogging as a transformative learning and communication tool in our district is taking off!

    The fact that new features are frequently updated or added is a great support to users.

    Thanks, James!

    Carolyn Foote, Westlake, Austin

  37. I love using Edublog in my classroom with my students. They love to view the videos I embed into the blog. I also have links to other websites that will help them with some of the objectives that I’m teaching. Thanks for bringing these resources into my classroom.

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