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The more discerning of you may have noticed that there’s something a little different about your Edublog backend as of today.

In particular I suspect you’ll rather like what you see when you visit your Presentation tab (uploadable, ahem, croppable, headers anyone… 20 new themes, perhaps?)

Or check out the multi-blog management drop-down menu that your blog name (in the admin area) has become.

Then, you might enjoy the extra helpful links in your Dashboard… and notice that the site is swanning along at quite a nifty pace.

And, while you’re at – upload an Avatar… you’ll be happy you did (and there’s even a widget to pop it in your sidebar).

More information (and funky functionality) coming very soon… told you we’d make this worth your while, didn’t we!

About James

James Farmer lives in Melbourne, Australia and spends most of his days chained to a computer while being harassed by tiny pixies insisting that he try to improve edublogs.


  1. Yeah, but I’ve lost some other stuff!

  2. Umm
    Thanks, James.
    Now I have an incentive to change my theme (I was going to do that this month anyway).
    The only thing is: my entire blog got reset to the default theme (blue wordpress) and lost all of my old widgets.
    (sounds like same problem as above comment)
    Oh well

  3. Kevin,
    The same thing happened with my blog, but when I went in and chose the theme that I had been using, everything came back like magic.

  4. yes…I appreciate the opportunity to have new stuff, but I also am having some problems and getting “warning” messages like “cannot modify header info”…”database errror” when I trying to save my last post.
    Another blooger I know has “lost” all of his sidebar in the last 24 hrs….

    so what do we need to do..or do we just wait patiently?


    • vwbb
  5. Apologies for the theme ‘reversion’, unfortunately that seems to have been a side product of the upgrade, just restore your regular theme and everything should be as good as new.

    However, unfortunately we can’t support javascript in text widgets for security reasons :(

  6. vwbb, did you manage to save that latest post?

    Can you give us a UR for any elements you’re having trouble with?

  7. yes…i managed to get everything saved…including one I just did, but I still had those messages poppin up every so often
    I am good to go….
    Can you advise me on the side bar problem of my blogger buddy here.


    • vwbb
  8. I cannot see anything that should show in my right column (blog roll etc…). The blog roll exists in the administrative mode. I tried re-choosing my skin. I tried updating my blog roll. I tried posting a new post. Noting seems to bring back my blog roll. My “About” link does not work either.

  9. I had that issue, too. I solved it by going to the widget tab under presentations and added all my widgets (links, archives, meta, etc) back to my right column.

  10. I had the same thing happen as the first two writers – lost all my widgets and formatting. Unfortunately my theme (anthurium mix) is no longer available, so I’ll be searching for a new one – glad it is summertime. The default and many of the others don’t show all of the comments, for some odd reason. Thanks for keeping us upgraded though!

  11. Yeh, sorry, Anthurium was no longer compatible with the upgrade :(

    It’s the same story for many of the sidebars, the new widget architecture in WordPress required us to run a setup which has removed a lot of custom sidebars – however, you should be able to get everything (and some more) back… if you have any problems, just leave a link here and we’ll look into it or you.

  12. ****

    • kay

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