One of the things we’re focusing on here at Edublogs is bringing you unique features & plugins which provide you and your students with an unrivalled blogging experience :)

So this week I’d like to introduce you to an old favourite of the plugin world and two new bunnies, the new ‘uns first:

Edublogs Only – This is a neat plugin that will immediately make your blog private to all but registered and logged in Edublogs users. That way you’re protected from pretty much any nasty outsiders and don’t have to stress about adding your colleagues as users of your blog – all they need is an Edublogs account!

DivShare Uploader -Fancy unlimited uploads, up to 200MB at a time, straight from your ‘Write’ screen… then turn this on and register with DivShare and you’ll be laughing. We provide 100MB of upload space for you free of charge already… but every little helps huh!

And we’d also like to welcome back Subscribe to Comments, an old favourite that was built in but will work better as an optional plugin. Basically it allows commentators on your site to tick a box and get updated of responses to their comments / other comments… amazingly useful!

So there you go, we hope you enjoy them :)

There are more in the pipeline too – but please feel free to make suggestions too!

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