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Citizen - new media blogWell, it’s not everyday you get a new blog, and certainly not everyday you get to run it on the biggest news and information site in your State, so I figured I may as well crow about it a bit and invite you over for a peek.

Basically it’s me making baby gazelle steps into writing about new media in the context of my job at theage.com.au.

The name is a play all sorts of things, I’ll get to that later, but you should expect some critical and overly opinionated commentary on blogs, citizen media, online news sites and more.

If you’re of that persuasion you can grab the feed here.

Today’s post is all about how comments are way too overrated in big news sites – especially as they are currently done. Go weigh in :)

About James

James Farmer lives in Melbourne, Australia and spends most of his days chained to a computer while being harassed by tiny pixies insisting that he try to improve edublogs.


  1. I have seen part of Barbara Walter’s interview with the crocodile hunter’s wife. It was really sad, especially when she looked out the window and saw her children playing as the relative was telling her about the tragic accident that killed her husband. Have you seen this interview as yet? The talking heads were saying that his young daughter has the stuff to take his place once she grows up.

    • pauljsmith
  2. Very cool news, James. Going to be a good gathering place I think, nice to see some intelligent responses there and good to get them started on something meaty. You are certainly not underestimating your audience there.

    I really upset myself, researching a piece for uni, when I visited the Herald Sun’s blogs the other day – left the only narky comment I think I’ve ever left anywhere on Piers Akerman’s blog. However in that case it was not the commenters who were the problem!!! :) There be evils in news blogs, I’m sure you will avoid them successfully.

    Funny one reader says it feels like hanging in their kitchen, innit? We are used to a larger world because of the Internet now – it’s all good.

  3. HELP!!!
    Since the “renovations” took place on or about the 3rd, I have had nothing but trouble – I can’t even log in to contact you in some other way. I can’t log in on my home or school computer, though my husband was able to do so on his lap top. Therfore, I couldn’t moderate comments – until, again, I used his lap top at which point I found five REALLY DISGUSTING comments from God know who waiting for approval. (This has NEVER happened before.) I did delete those comments, but now I can’t get back in to accept the comments I want to accept from my students. What is going on? Any ideas? As I said, everything was perfect up till Friday. Please respond somehow. Thanks

    • pat arnold

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