edublogs.org provides free, fully functional WordPress blogs hosted on our dedicated top-of-the range server. With these you can create individual posts in a traditional blog-style, pages of static content indexed in your sidebar and select from any number of themes to give life to your new blog.

wpex3.gif In addition to this you can upload up to 25MB of images, audio, documents, powerpoints or other digital material you want to share. Posting these is as simple as dragging and dropping them to your posting window.

And of course you can link to or bring in any larger audio or image files that you uplaod anywhere else on the web, such as ourmedia.org – so you can have that 20 MB podcast up and running in no time :)
wpex4.gifThematically you’ve got an awful lot of choices too. Currently we offer over 60 different (and rather cool) themes at edublogs.org and we’re adding more all the time. What’s more, many of these themes will allow you to edit the header, decide which pieces of content you want in your sidebar and generally rock your world.

And that’s not all, there’s a comprehensive (the most comprehensive) link manager, complete control over comments, choices about the number of posts to display on your front page and in your feed, profiles, plugins to fix you up with tools like Google Analytics to get your web stats, multi-user and group blogging simply done through the use of the ‘Users’ area and plenty plenty more besides!

So what are you waiting for, create your new edublog now and get posting!

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