was founded in 2005 by James Farmer as an extension of the project aimed at providing teachers, students, researchers, librarians, writers and other education professionals with freely available emerging technologies.

What makes different from, for example, Blogger is that we’re dedicated to educational professionals, we’re nice and small (by blog provider standards), we’re aiming to provide more and more freely available (and ad free!) emerging online technologies for your use… and we’ve got a much better blogging tool at our disposal :)

We also won an award in 2005! is built using WordPress MultiUser which means that you’ll get a fully featured WordPress blogging platform to work with, for information on what that means checkout the features and FAQ.

As of February 2006 we’re delighted to be supported by The Chalkface Project especially because this gives all users free access to their stunning Yacapaca assessment tool.

If you’d like to use blogs with your students we’d like to invite you to try out (school age / K12), (university / college / higher education) or (ESL, EFL and other English language students).

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