An user that I’m particularly happy to have is my dad who today, asks a very simple question “How do I podcast”? Good question… unfortunately whoever he spoke to did not give him a good answer though so, drumroll, here’s how you podcast using

  1. Record and create an .mp3 file (Audacity is free and good for this)
  2. Upload your mp3 using the ‘Upload’ tool in your posting window.
  3. Drag and drop it to your posting window
  4. Write some stuff and click ‘Publish’

Not that hard eh!

Now all anyone who wants to subscribe to your podcast needs to do is to subscribe to your URL, i.e.

Technical notes (feel free to ignore): WordPress automatically converts the .mp3 file into an enclosure in your RSS feed consequently meaning that if you’re subscribed to it using a podcast aggregator it will automatically download the full ..mp3 onto your hard drive / music device
[NB: At the moment there’s a 25MB limit on upload space so you’ll probably only be able to fit 5 or 6 podcasts there for the moment,however, if you use you can set yourself up with infinite bandwidth and storage]

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